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Cubans in Havana protest prolonged blackout after Hurricane Ian

Cubans took to the streets on Thursday night to bang pots and protest across several neighbourhoods in the capital Havana as the country entered its third day of blackouts following Hurricane Ian.

The massive storm caused Cuba's grid to collapse earlier this week. 

It knocked out power to the entire island of 11 million people, flattened homes and obliterated agricultural fields.

For some Cubans - already reeling from shortages of food, fuel and medicine - the prolonged blackout was the last straw.

They complained that their food has rotted and questioned why, in Havana, where there was not much damage from the storm, they could not yet receive electricity. 

Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian, which left widespread blackouts and destruction in parts of Cuba and later in Florida in the United States, is picking up speed and closing in on the coast of South Carolina.

It is expected to make landfall in Palmetto State, making it the first hurricane to hit there since 2016.