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Dominance in sports and music regarded as main achievements since independence - RJRGLEANER poll finds

Jamaica's worldwide prowess in Sports and music has been identified by the majority of Jamaicans as the two main achievements of the nation over the past 60 years.

An RJRGLEANER commissioned poll has revealed that more than 60 per cent of Jamaicans are of the view that sports and music outpaced other notable achievements over the last 60 years.

A breakdown of the survey revealed that 39 per cent of respondents believed that Sports was the island's greatest achievements since Independence.

Some analysts say the conclusion may not have been difficult to arrive at based on the success of Jamaica's track and field on the international stage.

Of note is Jamaica's recent success at the World Athletic Championships where the women dominated the coveted 100 m dash, with a sweep of the top places.

The poll conducted by the Don Anderson-led Market Research Services also saw Jamaicans rank "our music" as the second most important achievement since Independence.

That rank was at 27 per cent.

This was followed by Cultural growth, Physical Development, and economic growth at nine, six, and four per cent respectively.

Electoral Reform scored at 2 per cent.

There were low views in other area of Jamaica's development.

The scorecard for electoral reform was a mere 2 per cent.

Respondents placed Political maturity, and reducing poverty each at 1 per cent.

Fieldwork was conducted between July 16 and 26.

It involved interviews among 1 thousand 113 people in a nationally representative sample of persons ages 18 years and over.