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Entertainer Blacksan finds joy in giving away money

Recording artiste Blacksan has never worked a day in the formal job sector but will readily tell you that he is a millionaire.

The entertainer said he has given away approximately $7 million since the start of the month to assist the less fortunate and has no intention of slowing down any time soon.

"Mi open small businesses for people, including chicken farm, bar yuh name it. Mi love see people happy and mi know seh everybody have dem situation like how mi use to have my situation. Everybody need that extra push sometimes, suh mi try my best to share my blessings," he said.

But his generosity has caught the attention of the police, who the trap-hall artiste said recently seized items from his premises, following a search.

"Dem come in and search the place and take away mi two laptops dem and all now mi nuh get it back. Mi sure know seh nothing that is illegal is on it. Dem take all mi shoes ... new shoes that mi shoot music video in the day before. Mi understand if dem take the laptop because dem a wonder if money a drop through the laptop, but weh yuh coulda wah take mi shoes fa? Suh right now mi lawyer a do what dem fi do suh mi can get back mi laptop dem," the entertainer said.

Blacksan, whose given name is Dane Dawson, is known for his penchant to give away wads of cash in public places. He told THE STAR that his millionaire status is derived from years of hard and clean work, but he refused to disclose his main income sources.

"If yuh wah know weh mi get mi money, just follow up mi music. Yuh have some key words in deh weh will tell weh mi get mi money from. Otherwise from that, mi nuh ready to tell yuh weh mi get mi money from. But I can tell yuh that mi money legit and it nuff," he said.

He added: "Mi wah make a difference in Jamaica and if mi can reach the world, because believe mi, all people overseas a ask fi help too. From mi eye dem a mi knee mi a give away money, but it never normally video. A recently mi start video suh because people start see di money now is like mi start turn a target, but it's nothing new."

Blacksan was born in Kingston but spent his younger years in Spanish Town, St Catherine, before relocating to St Andrew. He laughed as he explained how his unruly behaviour always led him to being 'home-schooled'.

"A home and street mi learn weh mi fi learn. When mi go school mi either a get myself inna some trouble or people always a tell lie pon mi suh mi get 'kick' [expelled]. From primary school mi get kick inna grade five. Mi guh high school and mi still haffi get home-school again," he said.

Blaksan, who claims to be the creator of trap-hall, is known for singles such as Slide, Clap, Brothers and Stop Watch. He told THE STAR that he has many new releases in the pipeline but his focus is currently on philanthropy and getting back his laptops.

"Because mi laptop dem get taken away mi can't do nutten. Believe it or not, mi laptop dem worth over $2 million as dem a di highest of highest, a MacBook Pro dem. Mi can go studio still, but a nuff time mi say mi ago do sumen with music and den mi gone help somebody, so more time the day done quick too. Fi now a superman mi tun, and is like mi a nuh musician again because mi a help people and a wait pon mi laptop dem," he said.