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Firearm instructors urged to train students on use of force

A call is being made for firearm instructors to teach their students about use of force in responding to situations where they feel threatened.

This comes in the wake of questions about how licensed firearms holders should respond in the event of a break-in.

Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA)-approved instructor Rhoan Simpson says firearm holders are expected to try other available options to resolve the situation, including running away before using deadly force. 

He said they may also use verbal commands, for instance, saying "Stop! Don't come any closer. Stay where you are."

If the person is still advancing, Mr. Simpson suggested the licensed firearm holder could then use whether passive or aggressive physical force. 

Mr. Simpson said firearm holders should never shoot unless they have a clear view of the target as well as "what is beyond and around your target".

But he insisted persons should "use only enough force necessary to resolve the situation". 

Mr. Simpson was speaking Thursday on Radio Jamaica's Beyond the Headlines.