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Fitz-Henley touts some achievements of Holness Administration Loop Jamaica

While touting a variety of welfare, housing, road and educational initiatives that have been piloted by the Administration, Government Senator Abka Fitz-Henley has urged Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) supporters to spread the message of the achievements of the Administration in a bid for it to achieve a third consecutive term in office.

Fitz-Henley was the guest speaker at the Junction Divisional Conference of the Governing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) in South East St Elizabeth. The conference was held at Bull Savannah Primary School in Junction on Sunday night.

Fitz-Henley pointed to the decision by the Government to have all programmes offered by the HEART NSTA-Trust up to Level 4 (associate degree) offered free of cost to students; a record increase in the minimum wage; and the decision to remove the requirement that people on the PATH programme need guarantors in order to obtain students’ loan assistance, as some key initiatives implemented by the Government.

“Though we have achieved an all-time low unemployment rate in Jamaica, we have a prime minister who is aware of the challenges of the time, and (who) freed up key aspects of the HEART programme so people can gain a skill and give themselves a chance to make a better life for themselves and their families,” said the senator.

He commended the Administration for keeping the country afloat during COVID-19.

“We have a prime minister who has been the pilot in terms of bringing this country through COVID-19. When other places collapsed and gone into recession, the Jamaican economy is still expanding,” said Fitz-Henley.

He went on to laud the Government’s New Social Housing Programme (NSHP) as an enduring legacy initiative that has been pursued by the prime minister.

“We have a prime minister who developed a programme where Jamaican who have nowhere to live, the state come together and find the resources and build block and steel concrete houses for them. Labourites, a feel good every week when I see our party leader and prime minister easing the burden on poor people by providing shelter and giving a house to another Jamaican in need and ensuring they are able to exist with dignity. That is legacy. That is caring about the people. That is using taxpayers’ money in the right way. Our prime minister is doing right by the people,” stated Fitz-Henley.

He reiterated his call for the private sector to support the Government’s NSHP, which offers help to selected Jamaicans who are in need and unable to access proper housing.

Fitz-Henley also referenced the Government’s implementation of the 1.5 per cent income tax break plan, and slammed the Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) as being “deceptive and barefaced” for calling at its annual conference for a further increase in the income tax measure when it had strongly opposed the measure as being inequitable and unworkable on the eve of the 2016 General Elections.

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Earlier this year, Prime Minister Andrew Holness confirmed that the Government intends to, in the future, ensure a further revision of income tax threshold.

“Labourites, I end my contribution by indicating that a (will) forward to see you a next time, but in the meantime I urge yuh, hold on to the victory, the third term will be secure if with humility and accuracy, we spread the word about the good works of the Government of Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

“We have pursued measures aimed at bettering the lives of our people, and there is more to come. Don’t brag about it. Spread the word with humility and I am convinced the people of Jamaica will ensure that we get that… third consecutive term in office whenever the prime minister decides the time is right to go to the people”, Fitz-Henley concluded.