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How is Jamaica so Perfect?!

Being in a third world country can really open your eyes to how behind some countries are, versus how advanced others are. In terms of crimes, Jamaicans don’t really investigate. There is some level of investigation, yes, but because the small island is so behind on technology, science, mental illnesses, etc., there are many crimes that either go unnoticed, are thrown out, or simply die down after public outrage has been striked for two weeks. This happens quite frequently. It happens with murders, kidnappings, disappearances, and more.

There are some people who still fight for answers, who still fight for the police to do their jobs, for journalists to write, but that’s the problem. It cannot be up to regular citizens to keep reminding the public about Jasmine Dean, or to force detectives to dig deeper into finding Donna-Lee Donaldson, because all they can do in their position is advocate. It is up to the professionals to do as much as they can to get to the bottom line of these crimes, or to follow up on cold cases.

This is a possibility why so many criminals can escape and never be found again on this tiny island. It is also a possibility why young girls can go missing, and although the public cries aloud about the cases, the girls will stay missing for a long time. Basically, we don’t put ourselves in difficult situations, even if it is our job.

For context, Jamaica has had serial killers, or bred some. If you have been keeping up with our articles, we wrote about Lewis Hutchinson, Mad Doctor of the 1700’s. He was a white property owner. Our next evidence of one is Theodore Johnson, convicted in 2016, still in jail. He was caught in England. The common characteristic of these cases is the circumstances under which the killers were caught. One, a white slave owner who killed the wrong man centuries ago, and two, someone who was indicted in England. What about the Jamaican serial killers in between, who have remained in Jamaica the entire time?

Let’s dive a bit deeper. What about the criminals from the gangs we oh-so fear, who have 10s and 20s and 30s of murders under their belt? Aren’t they serial killers? Why don’t we dub them that?

Is it because we want to paint the narrative that Jamaica is not so dangerous, and we don’t do school shootings, and we don’t have sick and twisted people in the country like America does? Or is it that we have failed to make the connections and paint the country and some of its citizens as such so the population can really taste the severity of the crimes that plague the country?

Are we trying to save the children from fear because the island is so small, or are we trying to save our dignity because we want to be understood as proud patriots?

Or, are we simply trying to grapple with the fake ideal because that is the only way we can stay happy in a world that is full of so much.. despair?