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JCF host two day conference to sensitize cops on firearms act Loop Jamaica

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Scores of officers benefited from the two-day Firearms (Prohibition, Restriction and Regulation) Act 2022 Conference held at the National Police College of Jamaica on Thursday, December 01, and Friday, December 02.

The conference sensitized members to the new act through informative presentations and training sessions led by persons of the criminal justice system.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Kevin Blake, an attendee of the event, describes the conference as a success as the presentations and participation from the officers have been excellent.

“We’ve had a practical demonstration of how to utilize the legislation which is extremely important.

Very rarely do we have new legislations that we have this type of introduction to the practitioners from all angles,” said DCP Blake.

Sharing the same sentiment, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Clifford Chambers highlighted that the Conference is a step in the right direction as the Jamaica Constabulary Force aims to tackle the impact of guns, gunmen and gangs in Jamaica.

“The information provided is broken down for our investigators to assist in the transition from the old legislation to the new,” said Chambers.

He further stated that the value of the conference is priceless and he hopes that the information will be properly disseminated through meetings, seminars and weekly lectures in an easy-to-read format so that it can be easily understood not only by the police but everyone.

Detective Sergeant Doneth Brown from the Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigation Branch (C-TOC) expressed that she has learnt so much from this conference through presentations.

In agreement is Detective Constable Daley who expressed that the new Firearm Act 2022 conference

is exhilarating because now no one can escape. “Everyone that participates in having illegal guns in

the island will now be punished, can be punished and must be punished. I am so grateful for this new

act to come into effect,” said Daley.

Sharing his experience of the enlightening conference, Sergeant Desmond Dawkins from the Public

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Safety & Traffic Enforcement Branch describes it as eye-opening and interactive.

“Getting the opportunity to interact with persons from the legal profession, the judiciary and also

other members of the force has helped us to figure out ways in which we can move from the old act

into the new act seamlessly,” said Dawkins.

The JCF will continue to partner with key stakeholders of the justice system, other agencies as well as

citizens to prioritize the reduction of crime and criminal activities within the nation.