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Keke Palmer Connects With Chrisean Rock Amid Blueface Drama

Keke Palmer is among many celebrity women reaching out to Chrisean Rock to offer help and support amid online drama with her baby daddy Blueface.

On Sunday night (September 24), things reached a boiling point between Rock and the Los Angeles rapper when he shared a disturbing photo of their son’s birth defect. The post on X, formerly Twitter, triggered a swift backlash aimed at both of their parenting skills.

Blueface post was also enough to get the attention of Keke Palmer, Masika Kalysha, and others. The actress left a lengthy comment on a post that Wack 100 made on Sunday, which Wack later deleted. Palmer calls on people like Wack and others to uplift Rock rather than criticize her parenting as a new mother.

“This is so sad to me especially as a new mom,” Palmer wrote. “I didn’t wanna say nothing or involve myself on anything but my heart is breaking for all involved. This is exactly what maternal health care is about. It doesn’t matter how you feel about Chrisean before, now she’s a mother and for that BABY she needs help and proper CARE!”

Chrisean Rock initially called out Keke Palmer for her comment but later apologized after the two had a conversation offline.

“Keke Palmer we got each other number u chiming in like we don’t [have] each other numbers is whatever,” Rock tweeted. “[Chrisean Jr.’s] dad is just somebody that I have to really stay away from I gave him the benefit of doubt. But everyone that’s speaking on my behalf hit my dm or ask me for my number.”

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“I’m Gladd keke entered the chat,” Rock added. “Other mothers should uplift each other instead [of] other sh*t. I’m sorry keke I read it wrong n got to popping my sh*t cuz this sh*t so sensitive rn I’m just done with ppl speaking up against me through a sensitive situation rn.”

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Wack 100 has not commented further on the situation but did say on Sunday that the baby desperately needs to go to the hospital to get surgery for a hernia. For his part, Blueface claimed that his phone was lost, and someone logged into his Twitter account and sent out the tweet.

Chrisean Rock has since revealed that their son requires surgery for a hernia but denied her baby daddy’s claims that she missed several doctor’s appointments since giving birth earlier this month.

Chrisean Rock and Blueface have been going at each other on social media since she revealed she was pregnant with their child earlier this year. Things reached a boiling point over the past two weeks after she flew to Baltimore to give birth and subsequently named their baby boy Chrisean Jr. The rapper says he took that as a disrespect and urged her to change the baby’s name.