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Landslide in Portland damages higgler's home

Brian Rose, a higgler from Bryans Bay in east Portland, is now seeking a place of safety after his two bedroom house was damaged during a landslide on Monday.

The landslide follows heavy rainfall which pounded the parish from Sunday night into Monday morning. 

Rose, who gave us a tour of the now damaged home, said that he was asleep and was awoken by a strange sound and he went to investigate.

“Mi discover seh di landslide come dung and lick out a part of the house and water and mud was coming in. Mi jus teck way mi self. Mi did really frighten, so mi run lef clothes, money, food, and cigarette. Life more important right now. Mi nuh know weh mi a go sleep and all a mi clothes dem wet up, “declared Rose.

Elsewhere, a massive landslide ripped apart a section of house at the residential area of Dolphin Bay in the vicinity of Bay View Villas.

As a result of that landslide, the roadway has been reduced to single lane traffic and motorists are advised to proceed with caution.

- Gareth Davis