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Mailpac launches new online barrel shipping platform Loop Jamaica

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E-commerce and logistics company Mailpac Group Limited has launched an end-to-end online barrel packing and shipping platform, Pack Yuh Barrel or PYB!

PYB! allows consumers to shop for personal items online and seamlessly ‘pack a barrel’ to be shipped to Jamaica, according to Mailpac.

Using Pack Yuh Barrel’s service, customers can take advantage of the significant cost savings of sending personal items in a barrel, without the hassle of having to go through all the physical steps involved with shipping a barrel to Jamaica.

“PYB!’s online barrel packing platform gives consumers that are buying personal items in bulk a convenient and cost-efficient way to ship personal items to Jamaica. PYB! reduces the overall shipping and duty cost associated with buying larger quantities or large-sized items all at once,” said Khary Robinson, Executive Chairman of Mailpac Group Limited.

Shipping barrels is part of Jamaican culture and has long been utilised by the diaspora as a way to send items to family and friends back home because of considerable savings on freight and duty charges. It is also a cost-efficient way for local consumers to shop online and ship items in bulk instead of sending individual packages.

However, the coordination of purchasing a barrel, shopping for items, packing them into the barrel, shipping the barrel, clearing it at customs and collecting it is tedious and time-consuming.

Additionally, shipping a barrel as an individual carries the risk of unexpected and unwanted costs.

PYB! provides a unique digital solution to the difficulties of shipping a barrel in person, Mailpac said.

All customers need to do is visit www.packyuhbarrel.com and pack their barrels online from the comfort of their homes.

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Customers may choose to purchase the traditional 55-gallon barrel or a smaller, 30-gallon, or 15-gallon barrel, depending on the amount and size of items they intend to ship. On sign-up, the customers will get a unique PYB ‘barrel address’ to which they can ship their packages.

After the items arrive at their PYB address, they are packed into a barrel and, once full, shipped via sea freight, cleared through customs, and delivered directly to any address islandwide provided by the customer. Customers have up to 30 days in which to fill their barrels. When the barrel is full or the 30-day deadline is met, the barrel will be shipped to Jamaica.

Within the 30-day period, customers can choose to ship their barrels whenever they’ve finished their shopping. The PYB! platform is rich with customer-friendly features such as the ability to pay online, and electronic updates on capacity which are provided in increments of 25 per cent starting at zero and ending at 100 per cent. PYB! customers will receive step-by-step status updates from order confirmation to delivery.

“Mailpac Group Limited is the leader in e-commerce logistics in Jamaica. We are always looking at ways to unlock the world of online shopping to more consumers and to provide them with added options for convenience and cost savings. The launch of a Pack Yuh Barrel is a way to do that and is a part of our 2022 strategic initiatives to revitalize our existing sea freight services. We believe that Pack Yuh Barrel will revolutionize the barrel business by packing and delivering barrels in the most efficient way for local customers as well as customers in the diaspora” said Mark Gonzales, CEO of Mailpac Group.