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Manchester based taxi association demands answer on funds to help operators

At least one Manchester based taxi association is demanding answers from the government concerning what it has done with the funds which were pledged earlier this year to operators of public passenger vehicles, including route taxi operators and contract carriage operators to cushion rising fuel prices.

Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke had announced that revealed that the administration would make available government assistance to registered taxi operators; however it later turned that the vast majority of taxi operators had failed to take up the offer.

President of the Central Manchester Taxi Association Shirley Johnson raised the issue of the poor take-up during a recent People's National Party town hall meeting in Manchester.

Mr. Johnson wants the Government to say what has been done with the funds which were not taken up by the PPV operators.

In his response Opposition Spokesman on Transport Mikael Phillips revealed that the number of persons who got the benefit during Covid was under 50 percent.

He also outlined other areas of concern "The Ministry of Transport has no connection to the app itself, they don't know who got, who did not get, so it shows that disconnection between the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Transport."