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Online portal launched for motorists to track outstanding traffic tickets

By Racquel Porter 

The state has made it easier for motorists to enquire about their outstanding tickets with the launch of an online portal.

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck made the announcement at the commissioning of 40 Justice's of the Peace in St. Ann on Thursday.

Stressing that there are more than a million outstanding traffic tickets, Mr. Chuck said hundreds of motorists have violated the road code and are yet to pay the fines.

Minister Chuck said motorists will be able to access the portal on December 8.

"What I can tell you is that we have now mapped out every single unpaid traffic ticket and that matrix, that information is going to be on a website that anyone who has ever had a ticket can look if you have not paid it and see your name and the date and the time that you violated, because if you don't pay it, there will be consequences," he warned.   

Mr. Chuck, while highlighting what he calls the audacity of taxi operators to suggest that they should be given a payment plan to clear outstanding tickets, stressed that the government will not back down in its efforts to prosecute unruly motorists. 

He revealed that there are more than 2,000 drivers with more than 100 tickets and nearly 500 drivers with close to 500 tickets each. 

"These are people collecting...traffic tickets like confetti. And when they get it, they never knew they were going to pay? That time will catch up on them?" he questioned. 

With 70 per cent of cases filed in court being for traffic tickets, Mr. Chuck complained that this is a problem. He also noted that nearly 50 per cent of tickets issued by the police end up in the Traffic Court.

Mr. Chuck said taxi operators are wasting their time calling for the Ministry of Transport to implement a payment plan to help them get rid of outstanding tickets, as this would be "interfering with the rule of law" and the court process.

He said the Ministry of Justice will work to facilitate Chief Justice Bryan Sykes' call for night and Saturday court sittings so payments can be made. 

The minister urged motorists who have outstanding tickets to "go and pay them quickly".