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PSOJ says technical issues preventing members from joining Jamaica Eye

By Prince Moore

The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) is calling for the government to address technical issues which it says are preventing its members from joining the Jamaica Eye programme.

George Overton, Chairman of the PSOJ's Standing Committee on National Security and Justice, says the government needs to fast track the build out of Jamaica Eye.

He told a media briefing on Wednesday that the private sector is willing to come on board once the technical issues are resolved. 

One of the issues, he said, has to do with multi-reporting where cameras connected to the programme would need to report to the Jamaica Eye feed as well as the owner's feed. 

"So in the commercial application, there are a significant number of people lining up to contribute their existing cameras. On the residential side, a similar situation. But yes, there is some reservation about the older cameras that don’t have dual reporting, so they will have to come in unto your recorder or your system to get it off the hard drive and not directly from the camera. So there is a reluctance there," he explained.  

Mr. Overton wants the government to revisit the budget for the maintenance of cameras under the Jamaica Eye programme. 

He recommended that preventative maintenance and cleaning of the cameras be carried out at least every four months. 

For older cameras, particularly those deployed in ministries, departments and agencies, he suggested they be replaced since they are likely on the brink of dying. 

"There is not a hell of a lot of repairing that takes place with cameras. It is a matter of replacement. But I do believe that there needs to be focus and attention on ensuring that there is a component of maintenance and replacement," he said.