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RIP Pauline: Jamaican street dog living in Canada has died Loop Jamaica

Two years after Pauline, a Jamaican street dog, was flown from the Caribbean island to start a new life in Canada, she has died.

Pauline, who made many Jamaicans smile when a photo of her in wintertime garb went viral a year ago, was among 144 Royal Caribbean terriers rehomed through a partnership with the Canadian organisation, Save Our Scruff Foundation, and Montego Bay Animal Haven, a non-profit organisation located in Montego Bay, St James.

Pauline died on Friday.

In announcing her death on the weekend via Instagram, her owners said she passed away from an unknown tumour on her spleen that had ruptured.

“She passed in the car in my lap on the way to the emergency vet. We miss her so much already,” they shared in the Instagram post, adding that the page will now be used to hold her memories.

“Maybe one day, when we decide to foster again, we will continue posting, but for now, rest in paradise Pauline. I wish yesterday never happened. I love you so much,” the post ended.

Just browsing the images and videos on the account, it is obvious Caitlynn Hoogendoorn and Alessandro Rotondi-Cyfko in Caledon, Ontario, showered Pauline with love.

When Caitlynn spoke to Loop News last year after the photo of Pauline went viral, she described the dog as extremely smart, very curious, and a food lover.

As the owners shared on the weekend, “she was the best dog we could have ever asked for”.

Scores of social media users have reacted to the news of Pauline’s death. Among them is the Montego Bay Animal Haven, which commented:

“Omgoodness, I am so very, very sorry! Bless you so much for the amazing loving home you gave a little street dog from Jamaica, so sorry. Lots of tears here, massive massive hugs to you xxxx.”

Others also expressed gratitude to Hoogendoorn and Rotondi-Cyfko, who opened their home to the street dog from Jamaica.

“Oh wow, the first post, and I’m [in] tears; wow. The greatest relief was that she got to live with love. Will miss seeing her in her snow boots,” said one user.

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A file photo of Pauline, one of the 144 Royal Caribbean terriers flown from Jamaica to Canada in March 2021, in wintertime attire in Canada. She died on Friday. (Photo: Montego Bay Animal Haven)

Another said: “Broken hearted. I enjoyed all the posts you shared of Pauline. I know she was loved, and will be missed.”

Another user added: “Oh my gosh! Not princess Pauline! She had the greatest support and love, and I know how special she was to you. All of us feel a little piece of our heart missing today, and sending you my most sincere condolences and everlasting peace from your happy memories together.”

“She was the happiest girl, and I’m glad she got to spend the rest of her life with us, it should have been longer,” they said.

Take a look back at a Loop News video shared last year with Pauline and Caitlynn.