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St Thomas community loses ‘swimming pool’

On Sunday, motorists travelling through Pamphret, St Thomas, slowed down to watch as persons frolicked in the 'pool' on a section of the roadway which is part of the Southern Coastal Highway Improvement Project (SCHIP).

The pool was created because of water being displaced from a broken pipe. But yesterday, in a scene that was reminiscent of one of social media star Peanut Dread's 'Radam' videos, some residents who had a blast in the makeshift swimming pool watched as workmen pumped the water away yesterday. An up-and-coming recording artiste who gave his name as 'Text', said he was among the group who held a pool party in the middle of the road.

"One place in Jamaica where you can have a pool inna di middle a di road and that a St Thomas. Mi did glad fi go inna it because di time did hot and mi did wah bathe and water did gone so mi just go out deh go hold a wash off and swim. A bare tings gwan out here man, di girl dem put on dem bikini and just have fun inna di road," he said.

Winston Scott, a farmer, said he did not miss out on the festivities and wasted no time in joining others inside the huge watering hole.

"Mi did out deh too man, mi drink a drinks and gwan relax myself. A yellow bus did out there a provide music and everybody just a enjoy dem self. Is a pipe burst and full up di hole with water so everyone just make use a it. Is a party we have yesterday [Sunday] and the youth dem enjoy dem self because di place did hot. People boom flick and jump off a di excavator and dive and gwan wid a bag a tings man," Scott said.

The SCHIP, which stretches from St Andrew to Port Antonio, Portland, involves the construction of a four-lane highway from the Harbour View roundabout in St Andrew to Albion in St Thomas.