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Teachers 'extremely' frustrated with indiscipline among students

At least two school administrators say some teachers are expressing extreme frustration with the level of indiscipline among students since the resumption of face-to-face classes in March. 

Principal of Yallahs High, Mark Malabver and Principal of Jonathan Grant High School, Dr. Oneil Ankle were reacting to a viral video showing an altercation between a student and a teacher at Tivoli Gardens High School in Kingston.

Mr. Malabver says teachers are not equipped to deal with hostile students and constantly engaging in mediation to deal with student indiscipline "takes away from teaching and learning".

Furthermore, he argued that the authority of teachers, school administrators and boards are being "undermined" and "castrated" in the public domain as well as by the Ministry of Education and this cannot be allowed to continue. 

Dr. Ankle added to the concerns, noting that some teachers are apprehensive about quelling physical altercations because "we are told that if you get involved and something happens to you, you are on your own". 

According to Mr. Malabver, while "legislations are there to deal with wayward students", the government has not acted on them. 

Added to that, he contended that government agencies like the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) are "under-resourced". 

Pointing to a number of cases he has reported to the agency, Mr. Malabver said "there is always a significant delay in terms of investigation and taking the requisite action". 

He was adamant that schools need significantly more resources to curb maladaptive behaviour among students. 

The Yallahs High principal also believes a continuation of the ministry's Yard to Yard initiative will help in this regard.