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Three men in custody re Grants Pen double murder Loop Jamaica

The police have arrested three men in connection with Sunday’s double murder in Grants Pen, St Andrew.

Another man was also shot and injured during the gun attack which occurred at a construction site on Shortwood Lane in Grants Pen at about 3:10 pm.

The identities of those killed have yet been released by the police.

It was reported that the victims were working on the site when men travelling in a motorcar opened gunfire, hitting the three males.

Two died on the spot, while one was taken to a hospital for treatment.

The attackers escaped in the motorcar, which the police, in responding to the attack, later spotted in the Richmond Park area of St Andrew, where a shootout ensued.

The car that was being pursued, ended up crashing, and was abandoned by its occupants.

Head of the police’s Corporate Communications Unit (CCU), Senior Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, told reporters that after the gunmen abandoned that car, they ended up in another vehicle, which was also intercepted by the police.

“Currently, they (the police) have three men in custody who they suspect are the ones who are linked to the shooting,” said Lindsay.

“There’s a fourth person who was held in the vicinity (relative to) an illegal firearm,” she added.

Lindsay said the police are maintaining a strong presence in the Grants Pen area to prevent any further flare up of violence there.

A day before, on Saturday morning, a brother of dancehall entertainer Jahshii was shot and killed by gunmen, also in a surprise attack.

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Reports are that the entertainer’s brother was at home when a group of armed men went to the location. Sources from the area reported that minutes later, several explosions were heard.

The police were called to the area, and the body of the victim was found.

Sunday’s double murder and the killing of Jashii’s brother are said to be unrelated, through Lindsay said one of Sunday’s fatal victims was reportedly a friend of Jahshii’s now deceased brother.

There are indications that the two most recent murder incidents in Grants Pen are part of a tit-for-tat gang feud in the community that may be unrelated to previous incidents relative to the entertainer, Jahshii.