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Three Port Antonio High students charged following knife fight

By Warren Bertram  

Three boys who were involved in an altercation at the Port Antonio High School on Wednesday have been charged with possession of an offensive weapon.

They are to scheduled to appear in court in March.

Principal of Port Antonio High School, Basil Graham, said the altercation, which involved knives, stemmed from an "unpleasant conversation" between two students.

He said no student received any serious injury, dispelling reports which stated that two students were stabbed during the incident.

"We didn’t have any stabbing. No six students were arrested; in fact, the police left here with three of our students who we could say owned the weapons," he pointed out.  

Mr. Graham said the school is investigating "to find out who else, if anyone else, [was] involved", adding that, “I am trying to generate a report for our superiors, the board and the interest of the public.”

He said operations at the school were not hampered by the altercation.