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WATCH: Trailer, bus crash sparks big online debate; who was wrong? Loop Jamaica

A two-vehicle crash late last week reportedly Spanish Town Road in St Andrew, which involved a trailer truck and a Toyota Coaster coaster bus with passengers, has left persons stunned and questioning who was to be blamed for the collision.

Thursday’s traffic mishap appeared to leave several persons with at least minor injuries, but it is unclear whether there were hospitalisations or any fatalities.

CCTV footage that was obtained by Loop News of the crash showed several cars travelling along a wet thoroughfare.

At the same time, a pick-up truck is seen leaving what appeared to be the parking lot of a popular business establishment.

Further on in the video, the green Toyota Coaster bus can be seen travelling on the roadway while the trailer truck slowly makes it way across the roadway towards the entrance of the parking lot to the business establishment.

Instead of slowing down, the Coaster bus slammed into the side of the trailer truck as it (the trailer) entered the gateway to the business establishment.

Another video that appeared to have been recorded shortly after the collision, showed several persons exiting the Coaster bus. It is not known whether it was a licensed public passenger vehicle (PPV).

Some passengers appeared to be limping, while others assisted fellow occupants to exit the bus.

The question on some viewers’ minds was who was at fault for causing the motor vehicle collision.

“The Coaster (bus) had enough time to stop,” said Instagram user, mick_876.

“Di bus driver drop a sleep or summn. Smh!,” said bornlucky22, another Instagram user.

Lavoye_da_truth commented: “Di (bus) driver did haffi a sleep cause…”

In response to her views, farmer_777777 stated: “@lavoye_da_truth nope. The road wet n (and) maybe the truck man should wait. D truck wrong.”

Sek_876, in turn, responded to his views by sharing, “The truck start turn off (when) the bus way up the road.

“It’s just this camera angle isn’t showing it fully. The bus driver was clearly not paying attention. And the road being wet is irrelevant because you should drive according to road conditions,” he argued.

Instagram user, shenb_12, who said a family member of hers was seated in the Coaster bus at the time of the crash, also blamed the Coaster driver.

“@farmer_777777 lol my sister was in the bus and the bus driver is wrong and he was definitely speeding and obviously u can see in the video…

“The truck was already coming straight out of another lane, so the bus driver was trying to beat the truck,” she opined.

Another Instagrammer, venom_unit, also came to the defence of the trailer driver.

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“A 40ft container is attached to the trailer. The trailer head already make it cross the road, so 40ft of container already turn across the road…

“The bus nuh brake or swing mean him never see the BIG old container attached???” he questioned.

But another Instragram user said the trailer driver should also be blamed for the collision.

That user, ox.unapologetically.xo, declared: “@venom_unit the truck driver is wrong!”

Continuing, he said: “Coaster has the right way. Truck driver turned too slow and didn’t have enough time to clear the road.

“The Coaster is also at fault for going too fast… He should have been able to stop, but I figure his brakes failed…

“You can’t assume people going to stop. You have to drive knowing that your next action won’t cause an accident. He (the truck driver) should have let the Coaster go by before turning,” stated the social media user.

Gregvi74 agreed that the trailer driver should take some of the blame for the collision.

“Busy road that and him a turn so slow pan it. Yes, the Coaster bus man could a stop, but the trailer driver should a know better,” he opined.