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GAM to add 25 bus shelters this week as users demand improvements

AMMAN — Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) users are calling for route expansions to improve connectivity and accessibility. 

Although the BRT system is now considered an essential and daily means of transportation for many employees and students, calls for route expansions to residential areas and city centres are growing among users. 

BRT was launched in July 2022, and users described it as the most affordable and accessible means of transportation ever provided in the Kingdom. 

According to an official source who preferred to remain anonymous, BRT is also accessible for persons with disabilities, as it offers automatic ramps that can help people with disabilities get on and off of the buses. Additionally, there are special places for wheelchairs in each bus. 

In a continuous effort by Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) to enhance the level of services provided to BRT users, GAM announced that 25 bus shelters will be installed this week to keep users safe and secure while waiting for the buses. 

“125 shelters will be installed within two weeks to keep BRT users safe from weather conditions,” Naser Rahamneh, GAM spokesperson told The Jordan Times. 

BRT users reacted positively to this announcement, as inclement weather was a major concern for BRT users who often remarked that they needed to find an alternative on rainy days. 

“Waiting for the bus under heavy rain was definitely one of my concerns, as I use BRT daily to go to the university,” Yamen Talal told The Jordan Times. 

Talal added that bus shelters will provide BRT users with comfort and convenience while waiting for a bus. 

However, users are still urging GAM to expand routes to reach residential areas and improve connectivity around the city. 

Currently, there is no direct BRT service between Sweileh, Kamaleyeh and Fuheis, said user Nayel Ramadaneh. 

Meanwhile, Bilal Halmoushi, another daily commuter, said that expanding routes will help improve travel options for BRT users who use the system to reach their workplaces, homes and universities. 

Among the possible locations to improve the service are Dahiyat Al Rasheed, Sweileh, Dakhleyeh Circle, Jordan Street, Halmoushi and Ramadaneh recommended.