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Stop exclusion in tenders


Stop exclusion in tenders

Thursday June 02 2022

The continued inability by government ministries and agencies to meet the minimum requirement of issuing at least 30 percent of tenders to youth, women and people living with disabilities (PLDs) needs to be urgently addressed.

The requirement to allocate the tenders to these groups is meant to address Kenya’s longstanding problem of exclusion in access to public resources and opportunities.

The shortfall is therefore proof that these opportunities are being grabbed by the well-connected, negating the original intention of the policy and further entrenching the inequalities in the country.

Part of the problem has been the reluctance of the officials tasked with issuing tenders in ministries and agencies to properly inform the public about the opportunities as they arise.

Cronyism has also played a part, with preferred bidders selected regardless of the suitability or availability of offers from youth, women and PLDs.

This can only be resolved by a concerted effort to improve transparency in the issuing of public tenders so that all the groups can access them fairly.