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Dancehall Queen Carlene Smith’s Sister Pinky Has Died

Dancehall Queen Carlene Smith’s sister Pinky has passed away, Urban Islandz has learned. Friends and family of Pinky shared the news that she passed away over the weekend after a lengthy battle with cancer.

The late dancer’s sister Carlene has not reacted to the news as yet, but she has been by her sister’s side for months working to raise funds for her cancer treatment, Sources told Urban Islandz that the former Dancehall Queen is very distraught over her sister’s passing. Carlene previously revealed that her sister had found a small lump in her breast in 2020. The discrepancy was found by a mammogram, and she later received radiation treatment.

Despite the early intervention, doctors again found that the cancer had progressed, and she was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer, to the devastation of the family. In April, Carlene revealed that the cancer had worsened.

“It was just a little lump and they said they had it under control and low and behold two years later it’s now stage two, so they had to give her chemotherapy…after she was through with doing the chemo, they went back and did they test said it bad news, worse news now, it’s now all over her and it’s stage four,” she said.

Pinky’s condition worsened as Carlene made a special appeal for financial help from fans and friends. She reportedly lost over 100 pounds despite working out and eating healthy foods.

Meanwhile, Beenie Man had also launched the Pinky Initiative to help raise U$50,000 for her treatment. According to Beenie Man, he was moved to help his ex-sister-in-law because of her major contributions to dancehall culture, which includes her being the first dancehall queen and being one of the best dancers to come from that era.

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Beenie Man also revealed in April that it was Pinky who first introduced him to Carlene Smith which led to one of the most famous relationships in dancehall’s history. “Pinky mek mi know Carlene,” Beenie said. “Pinky mek mi deh wid Carlene. Pinky mek mi have Crystal. Pinky.”

Videos from the 1990s show both Carlene and Pinky in their prime – beautiful young women who were talented and creative when it came to dancing and fashion.