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Safaree Shocked By Amara La Negra’s Crude Text About Vonshae’s Child On LHH Miami

Love & Hip Hop Miami cast member Vonshae Taylor-Morales has now involved Safaree Samuels in her ongoing beef with Amara La Negra, and it seems that the latter is more than happy to trash Amara after their rumored break up.

Amara La Negra and Vonshae, who is the estranged wife of rapper Gunplay, began beefing last month over the former’s lack of care towards her daughter Osanna’s medical issues. In a previous episode, Vonshae claimed that her husband’s drug use caused her daughter to have health problems, although she didn’t share any medical basis for her opinion.

Vonshae was revolute as she refused Amara’s claim that she had her own problems with her mom and her baby daddy had taken over her mind and time.

Vonshae Taylor-Morales

Both women have been on a back and forth with Vonshae claiming that Amara hired an illegal immigrant man who was on the streets to watch her twin daughters. She also admitted in an episode earlier this month that she reported Amara Le Negra to ICE in relation to the man she had hired.

It’s unclear the outcome of that situation, but Vonshae was messy as she further claimed that Amra and Safaree were involved in a romantic relationship even while he was married to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Erica Mena.

It seems that Safaree has turned on Amara La Negra and is now team Vonshae. A teaser of the latest LHH Miami episode sees Vonshae calling Safaree to the front of an event to read out a comment by Amara on social media in which she mocks the health of her daughter Osanna.

“I would like you to read this out loud,” Vonshae says as she hands her phone to Safaree.

Safaree is seen reading silently, but his jaw drops as he asks- “is this real?”

“It says the baby should have died waiting on you to pay for that surgery. It was right why ain’t it dead,” Safaree reads. Vonshae asks him to tell the crowd what was Amara’s comment to which he responds that she posted “laughing emojis.”

Meanwhile, fans reacted to Vonshae’s latest revelation.

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“Just trying to figure out why he was the one who needed to read this,” one person wrote.

“Why would you repeat a negative comment about your child to all these people not only did you help spread bad things about your child but you did it on TV for clout and a check because if that girl really said it all she should be doing is focusing on not going to jail,” another person added.

“Can you say OBSESSED??? My goodness, nobody on this planet will have me acting like this,” another added.