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A Relaxation Room for Employee Self-Care Treatment at ‘New Beginnings’

“The ultimate relaxation room”
“The ultimate relaxation room”

YOU are escorted to a room assembled below the rear of a building, with a matured wooden door painted in white— the word ‘SPA’ branded on the door. On the inside confirms the old adage, “never judge a room by its door”. This is the ultimate relaxation room, guests are treated to breakfast and lunch of their choice, with the usual amenities of a spa, and a massage is accommodated— under aroma scents, soft lighting, bedroom slippers, shower area with a robe, paintings made by cardboard sketches.

No item in this room was unusual, except for the accommodations, as this spa room serves only a few customers, and they are the employees of New Beginnings Transit Home where the relax room is located.

The home is a safe haven for children between the ages of 0 – 18 years who are victims of child abuse, severe neglect and who are in need of care and protection.

“The work is hard, it is challenging but we do it because we love it; in terms of saying to the staff ‘I see you, I appreciate what you do, I know it’s hard, take a while, take a break.’ That is what the spa is, take a break, let us take care of you,” notes Bernice Francis, Deputy Manager at New Beginnings Transit Home.

At the end of every month employees contribute $5.00 to keep this initiative going. The money collected is used to pay for a masseuse and to aid with the purchasing for items during the spa day treatment. Francis disclosed that this gesture aims to support staff who may feel demotivated due to stressful environments which may affect their quality of work.

“It’s very hard to balance work and life when you have a demanding job and you have a very difficult life. When you put the two together this person is under a lot of stress and pressure and so in any way we (do) what we can… to relieve some of those stresses and stressors. So you walk into work and you don’t just feel that this negative place you are coming to is taking away your joy. ”

Donald Raymond is responsible for transporting staff and clients of the Transit Home. He details a memorable spa experience: “When I got that I wanted to sleep the whole day. It was the best feeling and treatment a man can have.”

The spa initiative has produced positive results in the working environment for the New Beginnings Transit Home, an institution under the auspices of the Ministry of Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment and the deputy director revealed that it has increased teamwork in the department as everyone comes together to ensure that team members have an enjoyable experience on their special day.