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00:00 Clarke House VFCSS Inter-House Champions Again
00:00 SPLT20 Renews Partnership With LUCELEC
00:00 Shame on the ‘Three Blind Mice’ of the Caribbean Community!
00:00 Guy Joseph: ‘They Paid $3 Million to Investigate Me’
00:00 Port Health Called Out Over Destroyed Mattress
00:00 OECS hosts Marine Data Management Workshop for the Caribbean region
00:00 Syria war: Scores of civilians killed in Eastern Ghouta strikes
00:00 Why Wakanda matters
00:00 Review: One Love Cali Reggae Fest – Mix 247 EDM
00:00 Minister denounces explicit video promoting students fete – St. Lucia News Online
00:00 Minister denounces explicit video promoting students fete
00:00 Update: Patients with flu symptoms increases in St. Lucia
00:00 Afrin offensive: Turkey warns Syria against helping Kurds
00:00 Pinehill Lucelec National Independence Tennis Tournament 2018 results day 3
00:00 Unemployment Marginally Dipped in 2017 Despite Fourth Quarter Rise
00:00 Trump Backs Effort to Improve Background Checks for Guns
00:00 Dennery Segment impacts Soca Kingdom
00:00 SPLT20 Powered By partner announced for 2018
00:00 Windies arrive in Zimbabwe to kickstart qualification bid
00:00 Coming Soon: Three International Firsts – Hotel Business (press release)
00:00 World leaders join new drive to beat non-communicable diseases in the Caribbean
00:00 Oxfam report reveals sacked staff accused of sexual abuse were given new charity jobs despite warnings
00:00 Afridi calls for cricket to melt ice between India and Pakistan – Geo News, Pakistan
00:00 Baltic Exchange Shipping Insights – The Business Times
00:00 Trump Says FBI Missed ‘Signals’ Of Florida School Shooting Because Of Russia Probe
00:00 Trump denies collusion again in tweets, sparks concerns among lawmakers
00:00 Live Cricket Score of Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka, 2nd T20I – Cricbuzz
00:00 Full cricket score – India vs South Africa women’s third T20: SA beat IND by 5 wickets – Hindustan Times
00:00 Nick Goepper wins silver in ski slopestyle
00:00 Donovan Mitchell outduels Larry Nance Jr. to win NBA’s Slam Dunk Contest
00:00 ‘We will be the last mass shooting’: Florida students want to be tipping point in gun debate
00:00 No, LeBron James won’t shut up and dribble: ‘I am more than an athlete’
00:00 Flow/Manchester Football Experience
00:00 Acknowledging The Problem
00:00 Happy Independence!
00:00 Randy Lafontaine – The Fighter In Him
00:00 The Complementary Factors of Zero Growth and Poverty
00:00 St. Jude and the Art of the Con – Part 17: The Blind in the Lead
00:00 758 SuperMoto – The Battleground
00:00 Bring DSH To Parliament
00:00 Dennery Reigns Supreme! Kurnisha Augustus Crowned Miss Independence 2018
00:00 School Enrolment Drops
00:00 Independence Launch: 39 Is The Journey Towards 40
00:00 Spartan Health Sciences University Hosts Seminar On Rape
00:00 Randy Lafontaine – Young, Determined Business Leader
00:00 Newcastle set to host two day Rum & Reggae Festival with food, drink and music on the menu – ChronicleLive
00:00 Nathan Chen reigns as ‘Quad King,’ but Yuzuru Hanyu takes skating’s crown
00:00 Outside NRA Headquarters, hundreds gather in vigil and protest
00:00 Florida school shooting: FBI under pressure over failure to act
00:00 Swing Trade Earnings Bullish Momentum With Options in Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. – CML News
00:00 Rihanna bundles up in elaborate furry coat as she jets into NY… but keeps it comfortable in sweatpants and boots – Daily Mail
00:00 Uptown Rebels favoured in round one of SLFA 1st Division Football Tournament
00:00 5 things to know about Black Panther breakout star Letitia Wright
00:00 Meet Yevgeny Prigozhin, the Russian Oligarch Indicted in US Election Interference
00:00 Sinking In The Debt Trap
00:00 SLTA embarks on ‘Inspiration and Travel Tour’
00:00 St. Lucia Amateur Swimming Association Swim Challenge
00:00 IMPACT Justice Model Business Names Registration and Trade Marks Legislation receive final review by committee
00:00 CDB, UNICEF partner to improve quality of early childhood education in Caribbean – Jamaica Observer
00:00 David Guetta And Sean Paul Collaborate On The Dance Hall Single – ‘Mad Love’ – EDM Sauce
00:00 Winter Games 2018: Several Team USA stars turn in disappointing performances
00:00 ASH WEDNESDAY 2018
00:00 Digicel and Daren Sammy Join Forces for Youth Once Again
00:00 DJ Chuckie on J Balvin’s ‘Machika’ & Bubbling His Way to the Billboard Latin Charts – Billboard
00:00 Sea defense works at Banannes from 19th February -18th March 2018
00:00 ECCO Members’ Meeting This Saturday
00:00 Caribbean’s Next Top Model Expands To Bahamas
00:00 Theresa Mason Independence Lecture Tonight
00:00 DSH Project — A Hasty, High-Handed, Horrendous Deal of Exclusion
00:00 Saint Lucia Featured In Major British Airways Social Media Campaign
00:00 ‘Alcohol Intake Recipe For Disaster’ — Health Minister
00:00 SMEs and BSOs Tackle Competitiveness Through Clustering
00:00 Pre-School Row Simmers
00:00 New Animation Series Creates Awareness on HIV Prevention & Control
00:00 Fair and Square
00:00 A Beautiful City and a Starving Population
00:00 The Road Fatalities Discussion Is Flawed
00:00 South Africa’s Zuma is out. Will things actually get better?
00:00 After Sandy Hook, More Than 430 People Have Been Shot in 273 School Shootings

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12312 Медвежий сценарий для криптовалют — реклама
00:00 Arsenal board will let Arsene Wenger ‘decide own future but will NOT sack him as he is club icon’
00:00 Внешэкономбанк ограничил оплату услуг сервисов Apple и электронных кошельков
00:00 Côte d’Ivoire / Des moustiquaires imprégnées distribuées aux populations d’Anyama
00:00 Who is Anastasia Bryzgalova? Is the stunning Russian curling star accused of doping and why was she stripped of bronze medal?
00:00 Se reencontraron los protagonistas de "Verano del 98"
00:00 Βίντεο: Βγάζουν παιδιά από χαλάσματα, έπειτα από βομβαρδισμό
00:00 Star-Architekt Isay Weinfeld: "Architektur muss Menschen zum Bleiben bringen"
00:00 Pastor says opposition vital in development process
00:00 Госдолг Украины превысил 2 триллиона гривен, - Казначейство
00:00 Tribunal de Apelaciones revocó el fallo del juez que pasó de año a una niña
00:00 Ruben Semedo, fotbalistul portughez al echipei spaniole Villarreal arestat pentru lovirea şi sechestrarea unei persoane
00:00 Модель с витилиго вышла в свет в ультракоротком наряде
00:00 (VIDEO) BERLUSKONI SE RUKOVAO SA NOVINARKOM, PA JOJ PORUČIO: Nemoj tako jako da stežeš ruku, nećeš se udati!
00:00 Высокий разрез и глубокое декольте: Дженнифер Луоренс пришла на премьеру фильма
00:00 Украина обязалась создать Антикоррупционный суд ради безвиза - Климкин
00:00 Óscar Jaramillo Zuluaga
00:00 Furious London Tube row sees commuter pull emergency alarm
00:00 Федерация футбола Украины вынесла беспрецедентное наказание гендиректору "Шахтера"
00:00 DSS pokazala raиune da sama plaжa svoju kampanju
00:00 Налоговый инспектор задержана в Одессе при получении 5 тыс. грн взятки, - прокуратура. ФОТО
00:00 أحدوال الطقس .. لكل من يفكر في برنامج خاص هذا الأسبوع
00:00 Haradinaj kërkon që seanca për demarkacionin të mbahet të enjten në ora 10:00
00:00 ความหวังคอหวย!! เรือไม้ตะเคียนลำที่ 2 โผล่ คาดอายุกว่า 100 ปี (คลิป)
00:00 ความหวังคอหวย!!เรือไม้ตะเคียนโบราณลำที่ 2 โผล่ คาดอายุกว่า 100 ปี (คลิป)
00:00 Визовая либерализация с ЕС зависит от создания Антикоррупционного суда
00:00 Erotic Story/Crazy Lenny: Lenny and the randy bookstore lady [Part 8]
00:00 Roberto Fonseca de gira a EEUU y Canadá
00:00 В работе Telegram произошел глобальный сбой
00:00 Mom in iconic photo of Florida school shooting hates image
00:00 What is Lionel Messi’s net worth?
00:00 مفتي القدس: الصهاينة يحاولون العودة لحظر الأذان في الاراضي المحتلة
00:00 Sein Begleiter rannte 45 Minuten, um Hilfe zu holen: Fallender Ast verletzt Schweizer Camper in Neuseeland
00:00 Super League: Παραμένει το μπάχαλο για τα τηλεοπτικά!
00:00 В Украине отработали треть всех жалоб украинцев на обсчеты по тарифам
00:00 Kunden in Klinik geprügelt?: Puff-Betreiber aus Erftstadt wehrt sich gegen Haftstrafe
00:00 Norske ishockeyherrer vinder første OL-kamp i 24 år
00:00 The increasing role of women in the military
00:00 Είναι η σκανδιναβική δίαιτα πιο ισορροπημένη από τη μεσογειακή;
00:00 Mehr Widerstand von abgelehnten Asylbewerbern - Internes Papier zeigt, wie Abschiebepolizisten besser geschützt werden sollen
00:00 Transfer-Gerüchte: Rekordablöse oder Tausch mit Chelsea für Batshuayi?
00:00 І ось він, момент тріумфу!
00:00 Pasutri diamankan polisi sembunyikan sabu senilai Rp200 juta dalam mobil
00:00 Αβραμόπουλος για τη Novartis: Αυτά τα καθάρματα θα βρεθούν στο εδώλιο -Αν βρεθεί κάτι, στο εκτελεστικό απόσπασμα
00:00 Singapore says won't cane suspected bank robber if deported from UK
00:00 Spotify intensifica sus planes para crear su primer producto físico
00:00 В Киеве полицейские присвоили миллионы гривен премий
00:00 پیاده‌روی مراجع عظام تقلید قم در سالروز شهادت حضرت فاطمه(س)
00:00 НАБУ завершило досудове розслідування «бурштинової справи», у якій фігурують двоє народних депутатів, і відкрило матеріали слідства
00:00 В Украине дешевеет автогаз
00:00 Первый замминистра Минмолодежи и спорта Гоцул вызван в НАПК для объяснений, - пресс-служба агентства
00:00 Pelajar hilang tewas tenggelam di laut
00:00 Суд дозволив Ситнику не платити штраф НАЗК
00:00 La mission résidente du MCC officiellement installée pour la mise en œuvre du programme Compact en Côte d’Ivoire
00:00 La mission résidente du MCC officiellement installée pour la mise en œuvre du programme Compact en Côte d’Ivoire
00:00 В США мать посадили в тюрьму за крещение ребенка
00:00 Præsten Marie angreb mænd i 40-års krise - nu svarer 40-årige Siddik igen
00:00 Rydzek comes from behind to lead German sweep
00:00 Суд отказался обязывать ФСБ выдать документы племяннице Валенберга
00:00 ЭСЪ енЖЙ ЗбгжЗХЭЗК жЗбгЮЗннУ ИРгЗС нКбЭ ФНдЙ ПМЗМ гМгП
00:00 Türkei bombardiert nordsyrische Kurden-Region Afrin
00:00 Andrian Candu: În premieră la alegerile parlamentare va putea fi testat votul electronic
00:00 Zënter Januar: Help: Pëlle-Prestatiounen drastesch eropgaangen
00:00 "Бавария" - "Бешикташ": букмекеры о матче Лиги чемпионов
00:00 Pd, lo spot suicida: il padre di famiglia non cambia idea neppure sotto tortura, "Matteo Renzi non lo voto"
00:00 Canciller de Colombia visitará mañana Brasil con Venezuela en la agenda
00:00 EAS taotleb neile miljoni võlgu oleva ettevõtte pankrotti
00:00 Ради болельщиков в ночь на 23 февраля продлят работу метро Петербурга
00:00 E ardhmja emocionuese e dronëve
00:00 The Hot Skillet: Serving Up South African Flavours in a Bree Street Art Gallery
00:00 Conte vil have mere indflydelse på spillerhandler
00:00 Finance: Walmart tumbles after online sales growth slows (WMT)
00:00 Здравословна причина спря Курц у нас
00:00 В Госказначействе оценили вероятность дефолта
00:00 В США приговоренный к пожизненному сроку заключенный написал бестселлер о тюремной жизни
00:00 Onko olo hutera? Influenssaepidemia kaataa nyt väkeä sängyn pohjalle koko maassa
00:00 ИИ прогнозирует инфаркт по сетчатке глаза
00:00 Reise-Tipps von Diplomaten - „Keine Sorge, wir Holländer rauchen nicht alle Gras“
00:00 *** BILDplus Inhalt *** Reise-Tipps von Diplomaten - „Keine Sorge, wir Holländer rauchen nicht alle Gras“
00:00 Wesley Sneijder caught up in 18-hour journey and harassed while travelling for Asian Champions League tie amid Qatar and UAE political turmoil
00:00 Число безработных в России за неделю увеличилось на 1%
00:00 Rusia konfirmon plagosjen e disa shtetasve të saj në luftimet me forcat amerikane në Siri
00:00 Slovenskí športovci sú financovaní z viacerých zdrojov, výšku dotácie určujú aj úspechy
00:00 Lomé devient une cité lacustre
00:00 Кортни Лав поздравила Курта Кобейна с днем рождения
00:00 Сотрудники столичного суда: "Без полиции радикалы нас разбомбят"
00:00 By’olina okussaako essira ng’onoonya omukazi mu kisenge
00:00 Προσοχή! Αυτός είναι ο κατάλογος με τις πιο επικίνδυνες τροφές
00:00 Quebec’s top court upholds kirpan ban at the national assembly
00:00 7 Spiele in 4 Tagen - Der große Fußball-Marathon des BILD-Reporters
00:00 *** BILDplus Inhalt *** 7 Spiele in 4 Tagen - Der große Fußball-Marathon des BILD-Reporters

C&W Networks Wins ‘Best Network And Service Innovation In The Caribbean And Latin America’

PRESS RELEASE – IN another round of recognition for best infrastructure and customer service excellence, C&W Networks once again emerged with top billing, this time winning the award for Best Network and Service Innovation in the Caribbean and Latin America (CALA) Region.

The latest recognition came at the annual MEF Excellence Awards 2017 in Orlando, Florida on November 14. The accolade comes on the heels of its recent award for Best Latin America Wholesale Carrier at the 13th Global Carrier Awards held in London in October.

Image: C&W Networks, Javier Pereira, VP Customer Solutions, and Daniel Herrera, IP Services Manager, November 14, 2017, Orlando, Florida.
C&W Networks, Javier Pereira, VP Customer Solutions, and Daniel Herrera, IP Services Manager, November 14, 2017, Orlando, Florida.

This latest award recognizes C&W Networks, a division of C&W Communications (C&W) and a Liberty Global company, for its leadership in the development and delivery of global, regional, retail and wholesale services as well as excellence in network and service innovation, strategy and marketing.

C&W Networks was chosen by a judging panel comprised14 global and regional senior analysts from ACG Research, ATLANTIC-ACM, Battle Green Research, Frost & Sullivan, Global Data, IHS Markit, Metanoia, Ovum, and Vertical Systems, in addition to independent judges. This is the second year in a row the company has won this award.

“We are honoured to continue to be recognized for our industry leadership in service innovation in the Caribbean and Latin America region. This award is a result of continued investment in our network and people that ensure the continued excellence of both our customer service and infrastructure. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of providing unmatched service on the best network in the region so that our customers can continue to succeed,” said Paul Scott, President of C&W Latam and Wholesale.

MEF is an industry association of more than 210 member companies and manages the world’s largest awards programme that is focused on emerging dynamic network services powered by Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO), Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Carrier Ethernet.

“We continue to see amazing service and technology innovations year-over-year in the MEF Awards programme, and are thrilled to witness the advances being made to accelerate development and delivery of agile, assured, and orchestrated services,” said Nan Chen, President, MEF. “We are pleased to congratulate the 2017 Award Winners, and look forward to seeing more innovation from them as we move into 2018.”