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Central Castries has Potential to be a Mega Entertainment Hub – Frederick

Minister Richard Frederick
Minister Richard Frederick

PARLIAMENTARY Representative for Central Castries Richard Frederick feels there is scope for transforming the capital city into a mega entertainment hub, featuring dramatic, theatrical and cultural displays.

The minister spoke to The Voice about the event and the tantalizing atmosphere that prevailed over the course of the two-day street parade while taking in some of action on day two of the parade.

He noted that security was paramount to the organizers and strongly commended the work of the island’s law enforcement officers and complementary security personnel for a “job well done”.

As the bands made their way down the John Compton Highway for the ‘last lap’ jump-up to close out the activity, on Carnival Tuesday, the tempo increased with revelers either making their way into the Judge’s Arena outside the Castries Market, along Jn. Baptiste Street or revelers from the respective bands prancing along the Castries Waterfront for the last fling to the Mega J base.

The Central Castries MP noted that the police generally “did an excellent job, an exquisite job worthy of commendation” in bringing a sense of calmness and tranquility to the city. Like everyone else, he said, the authorities too are overly concerned about this unprecedented spate of crime in the country.

“We worry about gangsters fighting gangsters, we worry about targeted hate and it pains us, and it hurts us like it hurts the average citizen,” said Frederick.

“So, when we deploy resources to ensure that everything goes down well, it is really a degree of relief in ensuring that even within ‘Mas Day’ in an extremely crowded gathering …all has gone down well thus far,” he added.

This year’s route for the carnival bands parade restricted revelers from maneuvering along the city streets, and the revelry were confined to a strict zone from Jn Baptiste Street and down into lower Darling Road and onto Jeremie Street for a turn into John Compton Highway and then out of town along the Vigie, Vide Boutielle highways and back to Mega J, at Choc.

He noted that the police operate “under intelligence” and it was due to “certain recommendations” made to cabinet that the government approved the recommended route entailed by the law enforcement officers.

Commenting on the selected route, Fredrick said: “It has worked very well …and the police have worked with the Cabinet of Ministers. This event is not something that just comes off, the Cabinet of Ministers sits with the hierarchy of the police force, they discuss everything and at the end of the day whatever can work in the best interest of safety while citizens enjoy themselves a balance is struck, and so far, so good.”

He said there is a collective approach taken by the Cabinet of Ministers under the purview of Prime Minister Philip J Pierre, which necessitates taking informed decisions that “redounds to the benefit of the security of all citizens, while striking a balance with them enjoying themselves without any kind of apprehension of violence in their way.”

Notably, according to official sources, preliminary reports indicate there was an increase in the number of visitors present on island for the fanfare and revelry of 2K23, with the city of Castries in central focus and transformed into an ‘entertainment hub’ with several attractions and events unfolding.

Frederick said there are prospects for Castries transitioning into a major ‘Cultural showpiece’ with theatrical, dramatic and cultural displays, but firstly there are some “teething problems” that must be addressed before moving on.

He noted that with the cutoff point at 7.00p.m., it was to ensure that when “darkness assails us, our people are still within a state of security and that is very important.”

It should be noted that the security forces were in full view and heavily armed for the duration of the festivities, keeping check on the happenings to provide security and even on evenings at the Gros Islet bus stop as commuters waited for a minibus to get home after the revelry.

Taking an overall review of the strategies implemented to ward off any anti-social behavior at the events, Frederick stated: “Personally, I don’t subscribe to violence and it really hurts me when I see an average citizen is gunned down …is violated, is abused for no significant reason.”

The City of Castries took in several events from the Kaiso and Soca shows to Calypso Tents and then J’ouvert and the grand street parade, all culminating with a crescendo of sounds, colours, costumes, splendour and joyful bliss in a calm and peaceful setting.

Reiterating his commendation for the law enforcement officers, the Castries Central MP asserted: “The police have done an immaculate job … and if permitted to be a voice in the political landscape of this country, Castries will be, not too long from now, an envy of most of the Caribbean countries.”