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Is Mankind Heading for Extinction through Self-destruction?

Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

OFTEN when judgement is passed it can be baffling, depending on interpretation.

As for what is a failing grade or an accepted pass-mark will differ from person to person, depending on bias or personal conviction.

Carnival can seem to be a success based on its economic gain, excluding what many see as the immoral connotations. 

Any government may do its best to deal with social and economic issues, but can be non-effective, depending on external influences. 

Propaganda and fake news can be easier to swallow than dealing with the stark reality, because the truth is not always welcomed and the complaints of the few with selective motives can muddy the waters of reality. 

Each person may want to go the same place, but may choose different routes to get there. In some cases, your best may not be good enough for some, while accepting what is considered the norm may be what makes some contented.

There was a time when morality defined Mankind and principals and integrity were considered the pillars of society, but not anymore, as values have changed, evil and malpractice seem more attractive and accepted as modern living. 

Holiness and spiritual values, coupled with humanity, are all now considered as old-fashioned and outdated. Instead, the criminal of the day is exalted, glorified and respected before the virtuous.

 Going back in time, or to values that meant having discipline and dedication, are all seen and accepted as things of the past. So, to gain success, to become known and acknowledged, all you need is “a successful track record”, meaning being wealthy regardless the source of it.

It’s amazing how Mankind’s values have changed. No wonder everybody is looking towards Artificial Intelligence to determine the way forward. 

Mankind, as we know it, seems to accept shortcuts to success and trickery as the module of convenience. 

Thanks to technological advancement, the rich will become richer and the unskilled will wither away and become less-significant. Tomorrow will be based on the Smart, wisdom of technological advancements and the profitability of change, where less human labour is used in preference to gadget knowledge.

Robots will be more important than human labour, more dictators will rise, more ‘Man Gods’ will emerge and new rules and dictated modules will become the order of the day. 

As to how many will be able to survive the coming times, is still questionable, but we will soon have a rude awakening where there is no more dependency on spiritual power, or guidance from the Most High. Instead, it will be about money-power.

 We are in the age of the anti-Christ, the age of faithfulness to self-proclaimed power, coupled with an appalling lifestyle. Every sector will claim to have rights, the majority will no longer be the powerful, but instead, the united forces against morality. The church will become and remain non-commanding and Man will seek material glory and see himself as less of a Godly nature.

As to who is pushing this global agenda, it is clear that money and wealth will dictate, leaders of countries will be appointed by popularity, not by social conduct, but for breaking of laws and judgement will be decided by the minority, the elites, the rich and famous. 

So, tomorrow’s world is and will be based on the demonic control of the masses. Mankind, as we knew it, will become extinct and we will have a new form of judgement to determine our future on this God-given earth.