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Dogs breeding business takes over for youths

By Moipone Lets’osa

Maseru – Basotho youths commitment in Dog breeding seems to be a breakthrough in unemployment and depressed country’s Economy.

Wave Kennels is a business that produces and sells various types of dogs. A local dog breeder, seller and caretaker Moeketsi Seqhobane (30),  said it takes someone with a heart and passion to raise dogs as breeding needs time and patience. He explained that his love for dogs started at early age. The dogs he sells are pitbulls, maltese, huskies and rottweilers.  

For him, raising dogs is not a threat to his community because he has gained experience of dogs behaviour at early age. He further expressed that one chooses how their dogs behave through training and habits they give to their dogs but by nature breeds like pit-bull are highly sensitive to attacks hence they end up being a threat to society. 

He started his business of dogs in 2020 after realising a need for security amongst town residents and livestock farmers. It is clear that town residents prefer dogs for security other than hiring people because dogs are more loyal than people. When asked about the kind of care he provides for his puppies from after birth, he mentioned that vaccines play a vital role on the health of the puppies. He normally takes his puppies to Lesotho Agricultural College for vaccination. Six weeks after birth, the puppies get vaccine. Every four months, they are vaccinated for rabies and another monthly vaccines.

He expressed that there is no specific training he offers to his dogs but they strictly listen to what he says according to how he decides to train them. For breeds like pitbulls, headvices that they take walks more often in order to get used to people. He says he does not keep his pitbulls tied, especially when taking walks as they mind their own business and have absolutely no threat to people unless attacked.

Mr seqhobane feeds his dogs montego and cooked meat as well as raw meat – as snack here and there because it is good for their health. “raw meat is one of the reasons pitbulls become wild. the challenges I faced at the beginning  were the puppies getting sick and dying but I did not let the towel loose,” he said in conclusion.

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