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Nutrition: Requisite to healthy living

‘Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food,’ a daily quote of a nutritionist and dietician Seriti Molapo, being a healthy diet expert that she is; she prefers food over medicinal ways of healing the sickness. She draws inspiration from her Home Economics mum and a nutritionist.

The Maseru born and raised nutritionist found her passion in nutrition while studying abroad, she completed her high school days in South Africa and she furthered her studies in the Philippines where she studied Nutrition and Dietetics. It came to her realisation that people in the Philippines are sugar lovers which is not recommended health wise, therefore, the idea of creating something healthier came about and she decided to make a carrot juice called Dazzling Carrot Juice. She has always been a book lover who read on healthy eating by several nutritionists. During her school holidays, Molapo would use her time to read such books and that fueled her passion seeing how food can work wonders for people, “I got to understand more about food and their medicinal properties on how they can be used to heal certain diseases,” she stated.

From Dazzling Carrot Juice to Dazzzzling Nutrition, the juice did not work out so well and Molapo switched to cooking healthy goodies. The name of the business came while she was taking a walk next to her old university premises when she saw a slogan on one other university, “dazzling with Jesus for 100 years” so, she just liked the name ‘dazzling’ and incorporated it with her slogan, “by the time, I was battling depression and homesickness; it was really emotional and it was as though one has to dazzle in life regardless of what we are going through hence I added two more ‘zz’ just to add life to it; which means that whatever you do in life, you must shine and do better,” she expounded.