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Prices of electric car chargers in South Africa

Purchasing an electric vehicle (EV) charger for your home in South Africa will cost anywhere from R2,277 to R40,779 if bought through the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

As EVs become more ubiquitous, many forward-looking motorists will undoubtedly have their first electric ownership experience with a pre-owned model.

If they don’t have easy access to EV infrastructure at that point, there is a good chance they will also have to invest in a home charger to reap the full benefits of these futuristic technologies such as starting every morning with a full tank.

TopAuto reached out to the automakers that currently sell EVs in South Africa to find out how much these devices will cost the next owner of one of their cars.


Audi said while it’s not necessary, it recommends owners of its e-tron EVs purchase an “industrial socket” for their homes, and as such, the company covers the cost of the charger up to a maximum value of R5,000.

After logging their orders, customers can expect the site inspection and preparation, installation, and post-installation assessment to take “around two weeks,” said the manufacturer.

If the charger is bought separately from the EV, it carries a two-year warranty.


BMW’s home-charging system currently retails for R15,651.36, though the company noted that this price is valid for February 2023 only and “subject to change”.

On a single-phase network the plug supports a maximum current of 7.4kW, and in triple phase it goes up to 11kW.

“The installation time is dependent on the service provider and their availability to install the wallbox charger,” said BMW South Africa. All installations are also subject to an initial inspection by the service provider to determine if any upgrades to the existing electrical systems are required.

A 2-year warranty applies to all BMW and Mini wallbox chargers installed by accredited technicians.

“The warranty is for the wallbox charger alone and does not cover damages attributed to poor installation, power surges, nor adverse weather conditions,” said the company.


Jaguar does not sell a proprietary home charger in South Africa, however, “clients who purchase fully-electric or plug-in hybrid Jaguars or Land Rovers have the option of choosing their own wall box supplier, or can request assistance from their preferred Jaguar Land Rover retailer to facilitate installations from third-party suppliers,” said the carmaker.

If the pre-owned EV itself is bought from a Jaguar-accredited dealer the price of the charger can be included in that of the vehicle, but only if the charger is purchased from GridCars.


Similar to Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz (MBSA) currently does not offer an OEM-branded home charger in South Africa, though these will become available later in 2023 with pricing to be released at the time, said the company.

“A customer looking to purchase a charger, however, can approach our charging partner, GridCars, to procure one,” it said.

Last year, MBSA confirmed that this will run a cost of between R12,000-R15,000 – a figure that can be financed separately should the buyer so want.

Depending on the type of electricity the individual has at home – single or triple-phase – the plug will support a maximum strength of 7kW or 22kW. Top Auto

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