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According to sexologist ‘Maneo Makoetlane, squirting is a sexual sensation where women exorcize liquid from their genitals when they reach certain pleasure levels. Unlike virginal lubrication, where persons secrete a white and milky liquid when they are aroused, squirting involves a clear and odorless fluid. It is the result of one

experiencing extreme pleasure, known as an orgasm.

She pointed out that a glandular tissue that produces a lubricant-like substance (the urethral sponge), which is the location of the g-spot, secretes the lubricating fluid into the urethra and it flows back into the bladder. When a woman has a maximum amount of orgasm and has a degree of urinary incontinence, the fluid will come out. She further explained that squirting is not peeing.

“Undoubtedly, there is more or less pee in squirting, but in actual fact, it is not all pee.  Squirting is the combination of ejaculation with urinary fluid. The fluids released while squirting actually come from the urethra, not the vaginal canal. Yes, it is from the same area that women urinate, but that doesn’t inevitably mean it is all pee. Researchers describe it as a much more watered-down female ejaculation than pee, and it could in other cases also be accompanied by the normal milky fluid from the skene’s glands.”