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Surviving single parenthood

Nowadays nuclear families with a mother, father and children are less common than single parenting. Single-parent households are now expected to make it through despite their difficulties. We observe parents, grandparents and even fathers raising their children on their own. The journalist for Finite magazine, Mosa Maoeng, spoke with single mom Lintle Letsika “MumD” regarding her journey, including the guidelines of single parenting.

Being a parent alone is not easy, according to a mother of a 4-year-old daughter. The founder of Footprints of Hope said that as she observes young mothers with older children, she is amazed by their courage and strength to the extent that she finds mentoring young mothers to be easier. She said that “culturally single parenting carries a lot of criticisms and condemnation, especially if children are out of marriage.”

There are many problems involved with single parenting, but I want to focus on one specific: not having a concrete plan for raising a child by yourself. She acknowledged that it occasionally felt trickier for her to not have a strategy in place to raise her child alone. “The situation generally reaches the point where some mothers decide it would be best to simply kill the child because they feel it would be difficult to raise a child on their alone. Luckily for me, my child is my life “She said.