Abdelmoumen Dam: Key Reservoir Drying Up in Morocco’s Souss Valley

Football news:

Ferran Torres scored for Manchester City in the Premier League for the first time. He scored a hat-trick against Germany last week
Marez scored a hat-trick for the first time since 2015. The Manchester City midfielder has scored three times for Burnley
Klopp to the Premier League broadcaster about Milner's injury: What a surprise. Congratulations. Playing on Wednesday and then on Saturday at 12:30 is very dangerous for players
Manchester United faces a fine of up to 15 million pounds if the club pays hackers
Levandowski has 70 goals in 61 games for the club since the start of last season. Ronaldo and Immobile have 46 goals each
Klopp's 1-1 draw with Brighton: a Difficult period for Liverpool. Proud of the lads
Jay-Z is now a partner at Leeds. This was marked by the coolest graffiti artist who drew Rashford and Klopp