One death, 60 new coronavirus infections and 182 recoveries in MNE

Health officials say one more person from Nikšić died of the novel coronavirus in the last 24 hours. Compared to a situation yesterday, 60 new infections have been recorded today, while 182 patients recovered. There are currently 1.439 active cases, while the number of infections per 100K is 228.

This graph shows the number of new reported cases, total number of cases by day, recovered patients and currently active cases.

“Labs of the Public Health Institute pulled 456 samples for PCR analysis over the past 24 hours and registered 60 new Covid-19 cases. New cases are from the capital (26), Bijelo Polje (16), Nikšić (11), Cetinje (3), Bar (1), Kotor (1), Ulcinj (1) and Plav (1),” the Institute stated.

The death toll from early June now stands at 44, as a patient from Nikšuć has died of Covid-19 earlier today.

“A total of 182 people recovered, taking the total number of recoveries in the state to 1.554 from 14 June.”

Covid-19 infection rates per 100K people, by municipalities:
Bijelo Polje 347, Podgorica 335,  Budva 307, Plužine 277, Berane 274, Cetinje 270, Bar 266, Kotor 248, Andrijevica 217, Pljevlja 188, Gusinje 165, Nikšić 150, Tivat 100, Ulcinj 100, Rožaje 91,Herceg Novi 75, Žabljak 56, Plav 53, Mojkovac 35, Petnjica 36, Tuzi 13, Kolašin 24, Danilovgrad 11, while Šavnik has no recorded Covid-19 cases yet.

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