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Cab driver charged in connection with three robberies in St Paul's Bay

A cab driver has been charged in connection with three robberies in St. Paul’s Bay, two of which date back two years. 

The 48-year-old Italian, Christian Cuccu, of Birkirkara, was arraigned before Magistrate Claire Stafrace Zammit on Wednesday, accused of committing the aggravated theft of €1,000 in cash from a supermarket in St. Paul’s Bay on September 20. 

Cuccu, who works as a taxi driver, was also charged with two other thefts which occurred just nine days apart in September 2021. The first dealt with theft of €300 in cash from a man in St. Paul’s Bay, the second, theft aggravated by value from a British woman.

It is understood that the police had identified Cuccu as a suspect not long after the initial thefts in 2021, but had been unable to track him down, as he would use several addresses. He was arrested this month in connection with the supermarket robbery after police officers discovered the address he was residing at and obtained an arrest warrant. 

  A plea of not guilty was entered, with Cuccu’s legal aid defence counsel, lawyer Joe Brincat, requesting bail.

Prosecuting police inspectors Ryan Vella and Warren Galea objected to the man’s request to be released from arrest, arguing that civilian witnesses needed to testify and telling the court that the defendant had no ties to Malta.