Letters to the editor - March 29, 2021

Shock can be fatal

Eddy Privitera was “shocked” when he heard Bernard Grech’s statement. May I give an old man’s (I’m 95) advice to our friend:  be careful of shocks, at our age they can be fatal.

Mario Dingli – Sliema

Lifelong eyesore

The Mrieħel skyline. Photo: Matthew MirabelliThe Mrieħel skyline. Photo: Matthew Mirabelli

The horrible, towering oil rigs sitting for years at the dockyard have been finally removed. Everybody agrees what a big eyesore they were, ruining the beauty of our glorious Grand Harbour skyline. Thank you, decision makers!

In the meantime, high-rise towers are mushrooming all over our glorious country, ruining skylines, increasing traffic pollution and eating up our shrinking countryside and village cores. They can never be removed.

The hypocrisy of it all! How can we ever thank enough our rapacious decision makers?

Fr Paul Chetcuti – Birkirkara

Red Tower ‘extensively damaged

The build quality of that wall looks really strong (sarcasm). I’m no detective, nor am I an architect or builder but this “vandalism” probably occurred as a result of someone merely hanging off of the flag pole for a photo...

One or two courses of limestone blocks isn’t exactly sophisticated, or strong, people. Nor is that kind of structure expensive to repair. That this incident even makes national news is just sad.

You get what you pay for, people. And the electorate gets the government it deserves, namely, a government that thinks a giant asphalt parking lot next to Għadira Bay is appropriate; or a government that rips out trees left right and centre; or a government that makes deals favouring hunters who take pleasure in illegally shooting down migratory birds. The list goes on, and you know it. Prosit...

Quit your complaining and demand more of your institutions by voting your conscience, rather than for the party your family is aligned with. Politics isn’t football. It’s your kids and grandkids’ future. – Andrew McGrath

So, is it possible there is no CCTV on a building of such high historical significance? – Steve Miller

Regrettably, this is not ‘simple’ vandalism… this is deliberately ‘vindictive’ damage. May the hands of justice reach the perpetrators sooner rather than later. – Joe Morana

Time for a nice block of apartments or a “rehabilitated villa/farmhouse” on the site. – Maurice Caruana

It is a bit premature blaming the damage on the Maltese when I see during all weekends  foreigners picnicking, then littering and dumping all over the countryside. And I am not saying that there are some so-called Maltese who do not do the same either. – Joseph Falzon

I hope that whoever caused this damage pays every cent to restore it back to its original state without delay – disgusting, to say the least,  after all the work that has been carried out to restore this beautiful tower, not to mention the financial expense. – Colin Micallef

My, what a sorry state we have come to. – Malcolm Mifsud

This is happening because some people feel disconnected from their own environment and feel that the country does not belong to them. Or else, it's simply the result of a total lack of appreciation of our history and culture – a sign of poverty of the mind. – Sarah Camilleri

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