PN MPs called to meeting after ‘disarray’ complaints

Nationalist Party MPs have been called to a parliamentary group meeting on September 24, following complaints by several MPs of “disarray” and a lack of coherence within the group.

The Times of Malta reported on Friday that MPs were feeling increasingly frustrated and isolated due to the leadership’s reluctance to regularly call parliamentary group meetings.

That same day, PN MPs were notified about the meeting at the end of the month, one week before Parliament re-convenes after the summer recess.

The last parliamentary group meeting was held in June.

Opposition leader Adrian Delia denied the suggestion that he had failed to call a meeting in order to avoid confrontation.

Without such meetings MPs may turn to other mediums to express their views on certain issues

He said the parliamentary agenda had just been communicated to the party, and the PN’s policy making body, the executive committee, had met several times during the summer.

Dr Delia was elected as PN leader a year ago but his tenure has been marked by tension between the MPs.

He reportedly faced a coup attempt by over 10 MPs one month after his 2017 election, amid condemnation over what was described as the PN’s paralysis in the wake of the Daphne Caruana Galizia murder.

Dr Delia was at the centre of criticism by Ms Caruana Galizia in the months before her death. Tensions boiled over in July after he tried to ditch his predecessor Simon Busuttil after the Egrant inquiry was published. Ten MPs openly revolted on social media against Dr Delia’s attempt to force Dr Busuttil’s resignation.

One MP, speaking on condition of anonymity, said parliamentary group meetings would help people let off steam.

“Without such meetings and debates, it is understandable that MPs may turn to other mediums to express their views on certain issues,” the MP said.

Dr Delia said on Times Talk that there were those who refused to “rescind the power” they had in the past and still do not want to acknowledge him as party leader.

Mr Fearne tweeted that the Labour Party’s parliamentary group was united behind Dr Muscat.

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