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Religious quotes and news – September 10, 2023

Answer to thirst

In his mass homily last Sunday, during his pilgrimage to Mongolia, Pope Francis spoke about Psalm 63:

“My soul is thirsting for you, O Lord my God. We are that dry land thirsting for fresh water, water that can slake our deepest thirst. Our hearts long to discover the secret of true joy, a joy that even during existential aridity, can accompany and sustain us. But more than anything, we thirst for love, for only love can truly satisfy us, bring us fulfilment, inspire inner assurance and allow us to savour the beauty of life. The Christian faith is the answer to this thirst; it takes it seriously, without dismissing it or trying to replace it with tranquilisers or surrogates.”

In silent adoration

In his address to the clergy and religious in Mongolia on September 2, the pope emphasised the importance of Eucharistic adoration, from which authentic apostolic activity springs.

“When we remain in contact with the face of Christ, seeking him in the Scriptures and contemplating him in silent adoration before the tabernacle, we come to see him in the faces of those we serve and experience an interior joy that, even amid hardship, brings peace to our hearts.”

Evil of corruption

In his address to civil authorities of Mongolia, Pope Francis spoke, among other things, of corruption:

“I think of the threat represented by the consumerist spirit that nowadays, in addition to creating great injustices, leads to an individualistic mindset that cares little for others and for sound established traditions. When religions remain grounded in their original spiritual patrimony, …they also represent a safeguard against the insidious threat of corruption, which effectively represents a serious menace to the development of any human community; corruption is the fruit of a utilitarian and unscrupulous mentality that has impoverished whole countries. Corruption... is a sign of a vision that fails to look up to the sky and flees the vast horizons of fraternity, becoming instead self-enclosed and concerned with its own interests alone.”

(Compiled by Fr Joe Borg)