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Atolankhani sakuvala bwino- Media Council

FILE: State House official briefing members of Press at kamuzu palace-pic by Lisa Kadango Malango

Media Council of Malawi (MCM) has registered concerns from various stakeholders, specifically Parliament and the State House on the dressing of some media practitioners. That is not appropriate for the occasions they attend.

MCM would therefore, like to remind all journalists and stakeholders of Section 2.1 of the Media Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, which requires that “a journalist shall conduct him/herself with propriety in the line of duty by dressing for the occasion”.

In line with this code, MCM recommends that members of the media should dress decently and be mindful of the decorum of the respective event specifically Parliament, the State House and other similar executive activities.

Presentation of a media practitioner enhances the overall reputation and credibility of the media house represented and the industry in general. Therefore, adhering to the dress code as stipulated in the Media Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is a way to maintain a professional atmosphere, and promote a sense of decorum and discipline in the industry.

In all other activities, media practitioners are encouraged to dress in a manner that suits the occasion.

In the same vein, MCM is reminding the stakeholders that dressing of media practitioners will also depend on the roles that they play when on duty, considering that some are technical personnel and will dress according to what would make them work comfortably.

Media houses are, therefore, encouraged to ensure that their technical personnel have appropriate dressing.

The Council is further encouraging all media practitioners to carry with them their identification and the MCM Accreditation Cards whenever on duty.

This is a commitment to the Code of Conduct by the media practitioner and an undertaking of both the media houses and the Council to be accountable for any misconduct by the media practitioners.

Following this commitment, MCM is advising stakeholders to report any misconduct of accredited media practitioners through the contact details below:

  • The Executive Director, Media Council of Malawi, P.O Box 30463,Lilongwe
  • Feedback lines (SMS and WhatsApp only): 099677593/ 0882138077
  • Email: