5 ways to improve the air quality at home

Proper ventilation helps remove pollutants and bring in fresh air. (Pixabay pic)

Poor air quality can not only cause symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, irritated eyes and itchy throats, long-term exposure can lead to respiratory and cardiovascular disease, even cancer.

Studies have shown that indoor air can be up to 10 times more polluted and harmful than outdoors.

Indoor air can be polluted with tobacco smoke, building materials, mould spores, dust, household cleaning and hygiene products, appliances such as fridges and printers and even cooking.

Here are five simple ways to purify the air inside and improve its quality.

1. Maintain proper ventilation

Stagnant, stale air can be full of pollutants and moisture that are bad for the health, so, improving the airflow in the home by ensuring proper ventilation will help improve air quality.

Good ventilation will help remove the bad stuff and let in fresh air. It will also help improve humidity and prevent harmful mould.

Those living in areas with generally poor air quality could consider installing filters in the windows to keep the pollutants while letting fresh air in.

2. Service the air conditioners

Poorly serviced and maintained air conditioners can be hazardous to the health. (Kaodim pic)

Air conditioners are supposed to make the home cooler and more comfortable, but they can worsen air quality if not properly maintained.

Dirty filters are a trap for dust and pathogens that are circulated throughout the home and leaking refrigerant can be hazardous.

Maintain air conditioners and ensure they are working properly to improve the air quality of the home.

3. Get house plants

Plants help purify the air and can give the home a fresh smell. (Pixabay pic)

Plants not only eat up CO2 and give off fresh oxygen, they can help filter out dirt and harmful pollutants as well. Some houseplants can even give the home a great, fresh smell.

Plants that help purify air include lilies, bamboo, aloe vera and spider plants. Some of these need more maintenance than others, but they are generally easy to care for.

4. Choose cleaning products carefully

Cleaning products can contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful. (Rawpixel pic)

Some household cleaning products contain chemicals that can be harmful to air quality. These range from ammonia, fragrances and bleach to volatile organic compounds that can cause allergies and breathing problems.

Some cleaning products have a higher concentration of harmful compounds than others, so choose those with less.

Avoid products that contain fragrances and use homemade cleaners such as vinegar, baking soda and water instead of relying on harsh cleaning chemicals.

5. Clean regularly

Regular cleaning of the home will help improve air quality. (Rawpixel pic)

Carpets, rugs and other furnishings are traps for dust, dirt and mould that can go airborne and reduce indoor air quality. Regular cleaning and airing of the home will help improve the air quality.

Along with using non-toxic cleaning agents, open the windows when cleaning. Don’t forget to give the houseplants a little dust and wipe as well.

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