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A Man With a Clean Beard Is a Clean Man

Have you ever wondered what men would look like if they never cut or trimmed their beard? An entire afro in your face. Hau! We would look like animals based in a tropical region somewhere.

A well-groomed beard for men is what make-up is for women. It heightens your image and makes you look more attractive. In fact, it is regarded as the most attractive facial feature for most men.

Another one regarded as even more attractive is a white beard. Mine is slowly starting to grow and I certainly can’t wait to see its volume. Of course, some men are fortunate enough to have a connecting beard or full beard as we say, while others do not have much to work with.

Either way, whatever the size – maintenance is a must.
Having a beard comes with pros and cons, but there are more pros than cons. Some pros include having an enhanced masculine appearance, less likely to have acne, warmth from the hair, boosting confidence and acting as a protective barrier from the sun. Cons such as always being at the barber, ingrown hair, skin damage and discolouration are a few.
What is important is knowing your skin, what works well for it and how best to groom the beard.
There are men who look just as good without one. Believe it or not, there are men who struggle to grow a beard in any form and there are those that can grow it but choose to shave it off.
Some want a full one, others not. The process may be complicated at times but oh well, life is complicated!
As for me, a fully shaved beard means no make-up and I look odd because I am so used to having one. It doesn’t suit me at all, or so I have been told. A beard is an expression of style, sophistication, testosterone and masculinity.
In my opinion this is a mandatory feature for a man, unless you are unable to grow one. However, growing it also teaches you life lessons such as patience and perseverance. Most men grow their beard the same way every year or season, but it doesn’t have to be like that. I believe one can occasionally cut it different. By this I mean that in winter you can grow it bigger to keep you warm and in summer you can shave it or have a subtle cut. All I am saying is you can style your beard differently.
To date, I have styled mine seven different ways. As long as it looks good and complements your jawline, it should be fine.
One common mistake I’ve seen is not knowing how to cut it. Follow your jawline and don’t trim too close to the chin.
Owning a beard kit is essential to attending to those immediate beard needs. Considering that there aren’t many ready-packed kits available, it is ideal to buy individual items and create your own customised kit. It can contain items such as a brush/comb, tweezers, beard scrub and beard oil.
If budget doesn’t allow, the basic item is petroleum jelly (Vaseline), which you can apply daily to keep it shiny and moisturised. In addition to shine, beard oil is one product that contributes immensely to the growth and volume of a great beard.
Facial hair is part of the growing process which each man will experience as they transition from a boy to a man. It is hereditary. If you are reading this and you don’t have beard, don’t feel left behind. Just pusha daai ding with what you have and it shall be fine.

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