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Anti-gay marriages bill same as apartheid laws, lawyer says

Experienced lawyer Richard Metcalfe has compared anti-same sex marriages bills presently on their way to Namibia’s executive as the same as discriminatory laws passed under the apartheid system.

Metcalfe has called for tolerance, saying that the bills against the recognition of same-sex marriage take Namibia back to pre-independence hatred, division and discrimination.

The bills were initiated by Swapo National Assembly member Jerry Ekandjo, have been approved by both houses of Namibia’s parliament, and would become law if signed by president Hage Geingob.

“The time has come to call the present idiotic homophobic campaign out for what it really is,” Metcalfe commented over the weekend.

“It is an affront to the dignity of Namibians. There is no difference from apartheid laws which excluded citizens because they were not white. Now the homophobes wish to exclude citizens because they are not heterosexual.

“To all the hate-filled homophobes, please explain the difference,” he remarked.

“You are using the LGBTQ issue because of a politically bankrupt ideology which is on a head-on collision course with our beloved Constitution. We all enjoy equal rights in Namibia which are afforded by our Constitution. Tolerance is what we have been taught, social harmony and no more discrimination.”

Metcalfe has also called for respect for Supreme Court judgements.

He added: “If we start legislating to attempt to circumvent Supreme Court decisions, we are on the same trajectory as we now witness in Israel, where democracy has become an illusion.”

He added: “Have we gone back to pre-independence hatred, division and discrimination? We don’t have to support or condemn anybody because they are different to us. Our laws only demand respect and tolerance for all. […] It seems that respect is dying a rapid death in Namibia.”