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Cuca Tops chairman stands firm

Cuca Tops chairperson Herculano Mwenyo defended his re-election for a fourth term following an outcry from some club members.

Speaking to Desert Radio’s ‘Sport Chat’ show this week, Mwenyo claimed that the group of people that are not happy with the outcome were not part of the elective annual general meeting (AGM) on 15 July.

“I was duly elected by the members that were at the meeting,” he said.

The aggrieved group claimed that it was irregular to have the team’s players participate in the election.

Mwenyo said the procedure was adopted at the AGM and everyone in attendance agreed to it. He is deputised by Sindimba Nestor, with Fransica Muronga as the club’s secretary, and Nicolous Makanga her deputy. Club deputy Pau Kandere is the treasurer.

“For me this was a non-issue. We adopted the rules and procedures of how the elections were going to be handled. Everything went well. It was really a surprise after a peaceful election to see some members coming and saying it was not fair,” Mwenyo said.

Joseph Khudumo, who contested for the chairman position, refused to comment when approached.

Mwenyo described the group as disgruntled and attempting sow division.

“I don’t think these are members that have the interest of the club at heart, they are just using the club for their own benefit,” he said.

According to the club’s constitution, its leadership is limited to three consecutive terms only after which a new executive must be elected and propose amendments to the constitution that will be presented for adoption at the AGM.

Mwenyo, who has been at the helm for three terms, said the constitutional provision was not followed because of issues that affected the club’s operations, like the issue of football being on a nationwide hiatus and also the impact of Covid.

“We agreed that since the members overstayed their term already, that constitutional provision was not going to be followed. We then just opted to come up with election procedures for that particular AGM and everyone was in agreement,” Mwenyo said.

“We really had unity in the election. I don’t know why some members are now complaining about the issue of players, the procedures were agreed by people in attendance, plus the same constitution makes provision for players to vote,” he added.