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Hishekwa shines bright in SA

In a tale that blends achievement and emotion, Helvi Hishekwa, the voice behind the airwaves of Namibian Broadcasting Cooperation (NBC) radio and television TV presenter emerged as the triumphant star of the prestigious Shining Star Africa Awards 2023, held in South Africa this month.

While distance might have kept her physically apart from the ceremony, Hishekwa’ told this week, she was overwhelmed with emotions.

“I couldn’t attend the awards ceremony physically in South Africa, however, when I saw the tags and messages on Instagram, I was filled with emotions. I cried. It was overwhelming. Apart from my voice which has always been loud, I believe every radio host has unique skills that set them apart. It’s how your listeners relate to you that matters.

“I do radio five to seven days a week and TV (Whatagwan) twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays. The convenience of showing up to do the two things I love at flexible hours makes it so much easier. Both jobs involve engaging not only with my studio guests but also with the listeners and viewers. It’s always heart-warming to know that people appreciate my contribution to the industry from the positive feedback I receive daily. It’s an even better experience knowing that our very own creatives count on me to put their art out there,” she said.

She said hosting events as an emcee has made her more confident behind the mic.

“I have been a breakfast show host for the years – the relationship with the listener becomes very personal, because I’m like your morning alarm clock. It’s not the same if I’m not on air. The only competition you have is with yourself, that’s why you should never slow down at being great and never be too ignorant to keep learning. It becomes so much easier when you have a passion for it.

“Creating content goes beyond just focusing on your personal interests. You have people from all walks of life listening. So, you need to ensure that everyone is catered to,” she said.

She said the Covid-19 pandemic made her appreciate her contribution to society.

“There was a specific interaction with a listener during the Covid pandemic that made me appreciate my contribution to society even more. A listener called me from hospital to let me know he listens to me every morning and I help him to keep fighting the virus. I got very emotional on air, I cried as soon as I shut off the mic. I still wonder how he is till this day.

“I’ll continue to spread the language of speech through the airwaves. I look forward to training the future voices of radio and spreading the importance of radio in our lives. It’s a powerful tool. It’s up to us as hosts to inform, educate and entertain. –