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‘Job, we are coming for you’

In response to a controversial video shared on social media by Job Amupanda, the Justice for Animals organisation has announced its intention to take action.

The organisation said the consumption of dog meat is in violation of the terms outlined in the Animals Protection Act, 71 of 1962.

“Job, we are coming for you,” the organisation said.

The video Amupanda posted showed him consuming dog meat, raising questions about the legality surrounding the killing and consumption of dogs.

The organisation’s statement issued this morning reiterates that any person who kills a dog with the intention of using its skin or meat is acting against the regulations of the Animals Protection Act.

According to the statement, killing a dog for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited under the act, and offenders are considered guilty of a criminal offence.

“Any person who kills a dog with the intention of using the skin or meat or any other part of such dog for commercial purposes, acts in contravention of the notice, is guilty of a criminal offence, and is liable, on conviction, to a fine or imprisonment of up to six months or both,” the statement read.