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Kakia settles into new location

In a picturesque meadow amid the lush greenery of nature, American YouTube music series ‘Live on Location with Jon Henry’ recently featured a mesmerising episode with Namibian songstress Kakia.

With her gentle and soulful voice, she delivered a captivating and heartfelt performance.

After the showcase, The Namibian had the privilege of connecting with Kakia to learn more about her experience on the show and her artistic journey since relocating to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, recently.

Despite finding her new environment very “different” and missing home, she said the decision to move abroad has enriched her life and her music in numerous ways.

“[It’s] been so good for me. I’ve learned so many new things about life, about myself, about music. I’ve really grown as a person and as an artist,” she said.

Enveloped in a new culture and surrounded by fresh influences, Kakia had the opportunity to collaborate with local talent, gaining valuable insights that have undoubtedly shaped her creative process.

The episode was a special milestone for Kakia, where she showcased both new and familiar songs. She spoke to the show host about her artistic process and the deeper meanings behind her artistry.

Alongside her new creations, she also treated the audience to tracks from her EP ‘Coming Down’ – which she released last year. Beyond her performing, Kakia opened up about her inspirations, sharing her thoughts and feelings in a way she hadn’t done before.

“I have a lot of anxiety when it comes to expressing myself in that way. It’s not music; talking can be hard and scary, but I did it,” she said of her nerves going into the taping of her episode.

This vulnerability allowed us as viewers to understand her on a deeper level and witness the genuine artist behind the soulful voice.

The episode’s location of Riverside Park added an enchanting touch, where Kakia’s music harmonised seamlessly with the surroundings, allowing her to collaborate with nature itself, further enhancing the emotional impact of her performance.

“Our goal is to help present and promote local artists in ways that accentuate and highlight their strengths and beauty,” said show co-producer Jon Henry about the Joe Ludwig created series.

He said they were keen to feature the Oranjemund native in their 10th episode, as she stood out as an artist with a unique story, strong music, and professional presentation.

As she continues to embrace her musical journey, Kakia is dedicated to honing her producing skills, giving herself the freedom to explore her creative impulses, and experiment with new sounds.

Currently working on a music video, she faces the challenge of navigating the creative process without her usual team. Nevertheless, she’s embracing the journey, and remains ever grateful for the unwavering support she receives.

“I’m just really thankful for the position I’m in and to still be having the support I have. It’s beautiful,” she said.