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Kanyetu rubbishes sexual assault claims

The secretary general of the All People’s Party (APP), Vincent Kanyetu, has rubbished claims of sexually assaulting the party’s office administrator.

Kanyetu was suspended by the party’s politburo on 10 June after his “continued unacceptable conduct and performance”.

This is according to a suspension letter written by the party’s acting president, Erastus Shuumbwa, on Monday.

It is not clear when the sexual harassment took place, but, according to the letter, the office administrator wrote a letter to the party to report the matter.
She declined to comment on the matter yesterday, saying it is the subject of investigation.

The party’s chairperson, Linus Muchila, said the party would issue a press release on the issue today.

“Your suspension will begin on 19 June 2023, to be followed by a disciplinary hearing that will take place within 14 working days from the date of this suspension, with a formal ruling of the disciplinary process to be communicated to you seven days after the next NB meeting, scheduled for 22 June 2023,” Shuumbwa said in the letter.

Some of the charges against Kanyetu are his alleged inability to carry out his responsibilities and duties as secretary general due to failing to keep records of previous minutes.

Kanyetu is also accused of character assassination regarding the party’s parliamentarian, Maria Kamutali.

In addition, Kanyetu is accused of supporting an emerging political party in the Kavango East region by soliciting party members and disguising party funding in support of the new party.

He is also accused of concealing information and the deliberate withholding of information pertaining to compliance with certain sections of the Electoral Act of 2014, which deals with the party’s financial report.

“Your conduct and behaviour is judged to be inappropriate and unacceptable in that you have displayed confrontational and aggressive behaviour when engaged by other leaders on numerous occasions,” Shuumbwa said.

Kanyetu has denied assaulting the office administrator.

He says the suspension letter and charges are “rubbish and nonsense”.

“I am a married man. I cannot do that. They don’t want me. I have been called an intruder, and I should be gotten rid of,” he says.
Kanyetu says the administrator’s husband are from the same village as himself and they are like brothers.

He says Shuumbwa and he himself are not wanted in the party.

“When they are done with me, they will deal with him and take him out of parliament. That is what they want, and he is too blind to see it,” he says.

Kanyetu says he will challenge his suspension in court.

“They started the fight. I will give it back to them. They will have to come with Jik and Omo and clear my name,” he says.
Shuumbwa did not answer his phone yesterday.