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Kudu strays onto Unam campus

A kudu made an unexpected appearance at the University of Namibia (Unam)’s main campus premises in Windhoek, entering the administration block through a partially open reception entrance on Sunday night.

The animal was later put down due to injuries it sustained.
Unam’s spokesperson Simon Namesho confirmed the incident, saying the animal had wandered into the reception area, while it was attempting to find its way out of the campus.

“The kudu entered the administration block through the half-open reception entrance,” Namesho stated.
He further said the animal was drawn to the lights and slipped on the floor, which is unsuitable for animal hooves, resulting in injury.

Upon receiving the report, the university contacted the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism.
“Considering the severity of the kudu’s injury, they (ministry) decided to euthanise the animal,” he said.
He said the ministry took the carcass for further examination and necessary tests.

Namesho said the kudu managed to enter the campus through the main vehicle entrance, reaching the admin block before the campus guards could redirect it to the exit gate.

“As the kudu entered the campus during the evening when it was somewhat dark, we do not have precise information about the direction from which it came before entering the campus. Beyond the University premises, its origin remains unknown to us,” Namesho said.