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Leena Shipwata’s Star Keeps Rising

Namibia’s entertainment field is abuzz with the name Leena Shipwata, a rising star making waves and a name for herself bit by bit.

From being awarded as a top model by Simply You magazine to strutting down the runway for renowned designers like David Tlale and Luis Munana, her talent and dedication are undeniable.

Shipwata has also garnered recognition from influential brand partnerships and recently made her broadcasting debut through the NBC travel series ‘Ngatu Kaende’. Now, she is preparing to take on a new challenge as the host of the prestigious Miss Namibia pageant red carpet in the coming weeks, joining the ranks of esteemed personalities who have graced the event in the past.

Her journey in the field of entertainment is fuelled by her passion for her craft and her relentless pursuit of growth. She says her hunger to see both herself and the entertainment field flourish drives her to push boundaries.

With an impressive track record that includes working alongside top designers and being acknowledged as an influential figure, Shipwata has proven her talent.

Despite her numerous achievements, Shipwata remains grounded and open about the challenges she faces. She acknowledges that setbacks and obstacles sometimes take a toll on her, leading to moments of anxiety and even depression.

“I’m a very driven person, but I do get those days. So, I really just take some time to listen to my favourite motivational speakers, for example Liz Brown, and listen to inspiring life stories such as Steve Harvey’s or Tyler Perry’s, because these are black people in the same industry,” she says.

She also says her faith and spiritual practices, instilled in her from a young age by her grandmother, provide her with strength and comfort during both good and bad times.

As an emerging role model, Shipwata understands the weight of the responsibility that comes with inspiring others. She remains steadfast in her commitment to stay true to herself and her values, refusing to let external pressures change her core identity. Shipwata recognises that she has a long way to go towards achieving her goals and dreams, and she believes that succumbing to industry pressure would compromise the authenticity she holds dear.

Shipwata says her professional and personal growth has been shaped by valuable lessons and advice. Among them, she emphasises the importance of staying true to oneself and cultivating a brand that reflects individuality.

“This is why I advise people to start young, like I did, so that you learn at an early age from your mistakes and it’ll only look brighter from there, I guess,” she explains.

By listening to her body’s signals and engaging in activities that bring her calm, she ensures that she can continue to pursue her goals effectively.

As she prepares to take on the role of hosting the Miss Namibia red carpet, Shipwata is poised to join the ranks of esteemed personalities who have graced the event in the past.

Alongside her upcoming projects, such as her ongoing yearly model training course and the filming of a second season with the NBC, Shipwata’s participation in the Miss Namibia event adds another milestone to her rapidly growing career.

Shipwata’s star is on the rise, and her journey in entertainment is one that continues to inspire many. Her passion, dedication and unwavering commitment to staying true to herself helps us understand why so many have openly said they look up to her and are inspired by her.

“I can’t wait to see what the remaining six months of 2023 hold for me. I’m a very positive person and I think only good things are coming my way,” she says.