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Luis Munana collaborates with Zambian brand

Namibian fashion sensation Luis Munana has joined forces with renowned Zambian label Nkanda Yatu for an exclusive collection.

They have unveiled their highly anticipated Winter/Fall collection, aptly named ‘Fit for a King’, which pushes the boundaries of traditional menswear while celebrating the essence of African style.

Reflecting on the partnership, Munana said ”fashion knows no boundaries”. This sentiment underscores the collective vision shared by Munana and Nkanda Yatu, as they bring their creative forces together to create a collection that embodies regality and showcases innovative designs.

The collaboration seeks to inspire men with a strong fashion appetite, offering them a refreshing and trendsetting approach to their wardrobe choices.

Styled by talented Nadia and captured through the lens of photographer Andrew Ingo, the collection takes centre stage against the backdrop of stunning locations in Namibia. From the contrasting landscapes of the Sandwich Harbour to the allure of the Namib Desert dunes, each photograph encapsulates the captivating beauty of the African continent.

With Nkanda Yatu’s established reputation for exceptional craftsmanship and Munana’s distinctive vision, the collaboration promises an extraordinary collection that transcends borders and unites cultures. This unique partnership serves as a testament to the transformative power of fashion and its ability to inspire individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Fashion enthusiasts across Namibia and beyond eagerly await the impact of this collaboration on the local fashion scene. As the ‘Fit for a King’ collection emerges, it promises to redefine menswear aesthetics, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.